Disregard My Previous Posts - This is My New Theory.

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Disregard My Previous Posts - This is My New Theory.

Unread postby kodybatill » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:06 pm

Descriptive terms: Solids are moved mostly by outside subatomic particles - gases are moved mostly by inner subatomic particles - plasma is moved mostly by an equal amount of inner and outer subatomic particles - liquids transition periodically on large and small levels - through all 4 of these states of matter. In this way - when finding new energies whether subatomic or not - they should be classified partially in terms of which one of these 4 states of matter that energy occupies in the moment. These states of matter then can exist on very large scales - and also quantum sized scales.

Muons are packets of every 28+1x different Positrons/Colors around opposites, being orbited by how ever many Near-infra red Inert Gases, which each 5 of which are from super massive, to quantum sized - and orbiting every physical atom, and also Muon - which when the Near-infra red inert gas spins clock-wise from ANY relative position, which is many at once - is when particles act like rays - or invisible to line of sight Positrons - and when spinning counter-clock-wise from any relative position, is rays acting like particles, or visible to line of sight positrons. These Near-infra red inert gases are the Unit of Mass, or potential energy in movement. When Positrons or colors around opposites are a certain distance from each-other - a perfect straight line of Muons are created - while perfect 90 degree equal crosses from all possible 90 degree directions of the Muon line - forms Electron Neutrino information - which are short-lived pulses of electron-diameters that accelerate Positrons - but which constantly hold in it - a single non-momentary Electron/Diameter - a non-momentary Neutron/Circumference - and a non-momentary Proton/Volume which contains different numbers and types of Positrons, which are momentary - which those Positrons are used to help build momentary Electrons, Neutrons, and Protons. Positron and Proton relationship is Magnetism/Light - Positron and Neutron relationship is heat/Muon equivalents - Positron and Electron relationship is Electricity/sound/absence of all Muons and Muonic Equivalents. There are 5 main sizes of Electron Neutrinos, and 35 different speeds and qualities. When Positrons/colors around opposites move slower than light, they turn into visible colors, and also become parts of Photons, which are cycles of waves of Net Zero Muons - Creating Positrons/colors around opposites - which then Create Muonic Hydrogen (Universal Recording Element), at the far distant end of it’s travel - and form Muonic Hydrogen Equivalents (Black-Purple UV Positrons propelling black-blue Calcium Positrons, into a Neutron/Circumference which is a particle acting like a ray - all of this in one being a single unit of infra-red) - at all equal 90 degree angles of the Photon wave - forming perfect 90 degree crosses of equal length. When Positrons/colors around opposites move at the speed of light or quicker - they form into particles of packets of more than one color around opposites, while also being only partially attached to Mass units. When these white - white green crosses at 90 degrees to each other touch water, and then that water evaporates quickly - waves are created by these Superhydrophillic or water attracting nature of those crosses - that propel Positrons at quicker speeds into other elements - because of the water being evaporated quickly, at the same time as pulled on by the white and white green crosses. The white and white green crosses can even come from various stones or plants, like the Gray Pine of California - whose needles are white-green with white solid membranes going directly down into the needle - making many white and white green lines at 90 degree angles. Then by placing Black-Blue or Calcium Positron type elements inside of the thing whose positrons are trying to be taken - it causes a net decrease of positrons - and white yellow tree sap which has a lot of Near-neutron inert gases that cause a net increase of positrons over time - placed inside of what is wanted to accept and take the positrons - causes a new increase of positrons - the Positrons being propelled by the crosses in-between black-blue Calcium type elements to yellow tree sap - when the white and white green crosses are made wet and dehydrated quickly - and hone into the targeted material that the yellow tree sap is inside of. When the opposing element of each element trying to be programmed - is placed inside of the black-blue Calcium end - even more powerful rays of Positrons are created - and then more black blue calcium elements placed inside of that, makes it even more powerful - and layers like this could continue on for a long time.
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