Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Science

Has science taken a wrong turn? If so, what corrections are needed? Chronicles of scientific misbehavior. The role of heretic-pioneers and forbidden questions in the sciences. Is peer review working? The perverse "consensus of leading scientists." Good public relations versus good science.

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Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Science

Unread postby jimmcginn » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:01 pm

Dissident Science
David de Hilster

There is No Debate in Mainstream Science

Mainstream Science is an Oligarchy that Won't Admit it is Wrong

Do You Have a PHD in Physics?
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Re: Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Scie

Unread postby Roshi » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:49 am

Science is not science anymore, since the days of Newton. In his days scientists were people with enough time and passion to be interested about the Universe. Not people who need to make a living and even profit from being "career scientists". When you have that, of course you can't have any disagreement or real questions from 90% of them.
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Re: Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Scie

Unread postby allynh » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:19 pm

I've been watching the Dissident Science videos from the first posted and following what links I can. I'm only on "Physicist Fighting the Standard Model: Dr. Alexander Unzicker", with way too many windows open, to look at tomorrow, and my brain is burned.

I know that I will appreciate the links more once the pain stops. HA!

All that they are talking about is new to me. This is stuff that I can use. Thanks for starting the thread.
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Re: Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Scie

Unread postby Lloyd » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:35 pm

You're all welcome to join CNPS at http://naturalphilosophy.org and help do real science. I joined about 9 months ago I guess. I found out that they're trying to have structured discussions on their forums, so I asked if I could help and they said yes. So I'm helping to moderate some of the forums there and we're learning how to structure discussions for max effectiveness. Bruce has been helping David since at least last year after CNPS started over from the ashes of NPA. Some of us here on Thunderbolts had discussed Deliberatorium a few years ago and Bruce said he met the guy who developed it at MIT, I think. It wasn't a very workable process, but it gave some of us ideas. So right now I'm helping to organize groups of scientists to have worthwhile discussions from which to write up papers that challenge mainstream dogma in areas that are highly improbable, such as Big Bang. Electric Universe theory is one of many that we're facilitating discussion on. We're planning friendly debates for the near future, maybe next month.

In case anyone wants to help do moderating at CNPS, there are openings for volunteers. Before long we'll also need volunteers to do "peer review" of papers. They also need a few people to write articles for their Wiki, and others to help with videos and some with next year's conference in late June at UConn.
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Re: Dissident Science: There is No Debate in Mainstream Scie

Unread postby IgorTesla » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:20 am

Unfortunatly the nobelprice has been given (again) for the discovery of 'gravity waves'.
Gravity wave theory is so contradicting on itself that it's truly mindboggling on how the magicians of maths were able to fool people in the first place.
e.g.: how can something that only has an attracting force (according to mainstream science) send out powerfull waves that would wreck havoc on everything on it's path. Only sorcery can make that possible or by mathematics i.m.o.
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