Gyroscopic Force Linear Thread.

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Gyroscopic Force Linear Thread.

Unread post by junglelord » Sun May 04, 2008 6:55 pm

This thread is dedicated to a linear dialogue based on concrete gyroscopic spin and is dedicated to the valid objections raised by Plasmatic. This is from coins to planets and stars. Why does concrete gyroscopic spin not equate to angular momentum of subatomic "particles"? Since it is different what about it is implicit in the universe as all concrete forms of matter spin gyroscopically as opposed to the angular momentum of sub atomic "particles". Both seem implicit in the order of the universe. Why do they not connect in the middle. If they do how do they do that?

Why do stories appear that link Gyroscopic motion of Permanent Magnets with changes in gravitational forces, ie Smith and Searle and Bushman? What is it about Gyroscopic motion that is important to these observations. What yet is not fully understood about Gyroscopic Forces and what can we learn about them?

If gyroscopic rotation is important to a positive result either via Earths Magnetic Field and or Electro-Gravity, what does a increased frequency of gyroscopic rotation or increased strength of magnetic field achieve as far as further reduced effects of mass and or antigravity? Why did Hutchison achieve leviation with only rotating magnetic fields as opposed to Searl and Smiths gryoscopic rotating Magnets?

I have a sneaking hunch that rotating magnetic fields do more then we presently understand in both realms. I also suspect somewhere inside there is the symmetry to connect the concrete gyroscopic to the angular momentum sub atomic that at present seems to have a disconnect. Can anybody build this up or shoot this down this idea of a way to connect the two ideas on this level based on the comparative symmetry results of some type of reduced mass/antigravity with both rotating gyroscopic spin Magnets and the angular momentum EM Harmonics of the Hutchison Effect?

I have this from Wilbert Smith and Rotating Magnetic Fields and Weight.

Certainly the Searl effect needs to be looked at

and the Hutchison Effect.

When being interviewed Boyd Bushman when questioned will admit to the public stuff that is correct because he can do that without getting into trouble, or so he claims. Is that disinformation or is that scientific validation to back up the Hutchison Effect with his own Skunkworks Lab facts?

Patents for such devices

Since we would like to explore this possible connection to the two forms of "spin" in the universe, and since we have different forms of matter and we are still in debate on the structure of the sub atomic "particles vs wave" issue, we have still have further questions.

How does this rotation issue translate into a Birkeland Current model of two same poles very close together rotating (this question is based on the boyd bushman gravity experiment of two north poles nyodynium magnets and gravity)? Can we make a relationship to that? If so what can we say about the similar models (like poles) and any similar effects on mass and or electro gravity or other effects? Or is that apples and oranges? After all one state of matter is solid the other plasma. Or do the rules apply across the different transitions of matter? Certainly Birkland Currents follow magnetic ropes and the poles. Is the Bushman experiment cutting or intersecting the planes as opposed to following the magnetic ropes so to speak? Gyroscopic Concrete Rotation is a complex and exciting subject.

Much respect and friendship to plasmatic.
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Re: Gyroscopic Force Linear Thread.

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Wed May 07, 2008 3:50 pm

Don't know if these links are any use but Eric Laithwaite was a fascinating character and a very clever bloke.

Letter from Harold Aspden

The great man in action

Hope they help
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