Vedic Pagan Psychology

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Vedic Pagan Psychology

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Hi all!!! I am simply going to leave a single page word-document worth of information, here on this post. This is merely what I believe to be the past, present, and future of all life. A psychological gift which may accelerate education in nature.

The Vey, Eht and Rihahs: The Flower, Leaf and Tree. The Core of Vedic Paganism ---- Contact info – Email: – Phone#: 1-530-919-1753
1 – Vey/Flower: “People with less should always out-preform people who in some-way have more - because both of them restrict something original about nature, and so people with less are able to do things while restricted, that people who have more cant - so that when the time comes - BOTH - of those two groups may restrict together when something stronger and faster touches something more beautiful and perfect - and this itself being the Pristine Origin of all life. The only other alternative is subjecting Co-creation and Inspiration to Anti-mind, when Anti-mind is a state where all things touching it have less in some way - causing the people who have less to literally become infertile in nature, where all of their original restrictions of nature become the same - even though before that in nature, they were the most desired thing. This state eventually leads to the destruction of Earth because of creating the desire to break things apart to find out how they work on the inside, and may even be able to be called technocracy or the occult.
2 – Eht/Leaf: The simultaneous equal opposite - two way battle of the single occult/technocracy, with the single Pristine Origins - is when the perfect dwelling land never misses animated guessing - all to the point where a person can no longer feel alone in the presence of The Science of Imagery and Eating as One Breathes while in a Dimension of Love. I call that - Working Class Ancestors - And Animated Guessing is when two or more things moving slow enough to break apart, move into something similar causing part of it to break apart. There may be 5 total types of these working class ancestors that can be proven to be non-technocratic, or non-occult - or that when any of them are reproduced in exact detail at once - physically and invisibly - the person or people no longer feel like having less is all the same thing - and so now being able to take individual particles of anything, without breaking them. Then - by ensuring that the only thing that each one of these 5 working class ancestors naturally dont like, dont accept or dont even care for - is the technocratic occult world of Anti-mind - then working class ancestors become partially visible to everyone's feelings. This is also the process involved in raising any kind of child.

3 – Rihahs/Tree:

Working Class Ancestors: 1: “Flying right now” - while counting everything, while feelings turn off and on - controls Sex.
 2: “Earth as an option always”, while asking for help - controls all single non-reproducing thoughts.
 3: “Smallest thing never”, while something bleeds that is not able to bleed on its own - THAT - as a whole concept in itself and sharing it with everything - controls all dreams or multiple thoughts, aspirations, and feelings in one reproducing whole.
 4: “Biggest thing for only a moment”, while using your head to protect your help from the thing that is bleeding but literally should not be able to be bleeding - controls all violence.
5: “Ancestors Later”, while destroying a perfect dwelling land - controls all lies - as a provable bio-medical fact.
All of this can be tested individually or in groups – but is always most noticeable in nature.”
This paper is inspired by The Ringing Cedars of Russia Documentary Series of Books. This is the problem encountered each age of Imagery as talked about by Anastasia in those books, Great-Grand-Daughter of Moses – and misunderstanding of these fair laws is what led to the Kurukshetra War of India, as well as all other destruction since the beginning of time – inanimated or other-wise.
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