Arp's Quadruple Quasars Located Near Many Galaxy Filaments

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Arp's Quadruple Quasars Located Near Many Galaxy Filaments

Unread post by quantauniverse » Sat May 16, 2015 8:25 am

Four quasars in the Jackpot nebula are aligned like beads on strings as Halton Arp explained In his cosmology findings. The Electric Universe has a video on this, that ends asking if there is a nearby spiral galaxy to confirm EU theories. I have independently researched this and have findings that it is a lyman alpha hydrogen nebula located in a densely packed galaxy region dubbed a proto-galaxy cluster progenitor undergoing formation. These regions have many densely packed galaxies and filaments, where it seems easy to find X-ray filamentary emissions that are not pinpoint X-ray sources of distant large quasars, but nearby blurry aligned lyman alpha hydrogen emission blobs. ... wiyev7dAaU

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Re: Arp's Quadruple Quasars Located Near Many Galaxy Filamen

Unread post by D_Archer » Mon May 18, 2015 7:28 am

Aligned with which Galaxy?

And what are the names for the quasars?

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Re: Arp's Quadruple Quasars Located Near Many Galaxy Filamen

Unread post by Robertus Maximus » Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:41 am

When Patrick Moore met Halton Arp

BBC Sky at Night presenter Patrick Moore CBE (1923-2012) interviewed Dr. Halton Arp (1927-2013) in May 1988.

"A Sky at Night broadcast on May 14th 1988 about Quasars. The only time that the controversial cosmologist Halton Arp appeared on the programme. Arp was a respected astronomer and known for his Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, but in the 1980s he was almost ex-communicated by pro astronomers for suggesting that Quasar redshifts were not indicative of their great distance, but due to some other reason. As a result of his views he was unable to work in the US any more, but worked in Germany. Despite Arp's renegade status, Patrick, a bit of a renegade himself (re. lunar crater origins) was happy to give him air time on The Sky at Night, to outline his views on Quasars."

A classic episode.


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