Donald Scott: New Evidence of Birkeland Currents

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Re: Donald Scott: New Evidence of Birkeland Currents

Unread post by JP Michael » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:04 pm

Solar System Scope, while not as detailed as your site, Eugene, in terms of electroplasma universe physics, is still a very valuable tool. The best part is you can specify a date/time and pause the rotation of the planets and note locations etc. I would not consider it reliable for calculations prior to -700 BCE due to its uniformitarian assumptions. One can also mostly ignore the encyclopaedic data on the various entities in the solar system due to, let's be nice, 'potential inaccuracies'.

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Re: Donald Scott: New Evidence of Birkeland Currents

Unread post by Robertus Maximus » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:36 am

paladin17 wrote:Robert, regardless of the hypothesis you use in your observations, you probably should take into account the two sudden stratospheric warmings (SSW) that we've had in this year. One in the northern hemisphere (in early January) and one in the southern (in early September) - see pictures below. These events actually correspond to the reversal of the rotation pattern.
SSW in the north are not so rare, but in the south it was only the 3rd in recorded history (since ~ 1950s). The previous two being in 2002 and 2010. And this year's southern SSW was the strongest one by far.
Eugene, I am unable to comment on the SSW event in March of this year but I can categorically state- no reversal of rotation pattern in the southern hemisphere occurred during the SSW event in early September. The reversal of rotation of the Main Polar Oval occurred as I described- in early November. The bulk rotation pattern in the southern hemisphere in now anti-clockwise and aligned with the Equatorial Belt flow (as viewed from the South Pole).

The SSW event did, however, correspond with the presence of a large anti-clockwise rotating oval- located in the Southern Ocean longitude 100 degrees E. This oval gradually faded during September as stratosphere temperatures returned to closer to the seasonal average and as the Main Polar Oval deepened through to mid-October. It was only in early November that the clockwise rotating Main Polar Oval rapidly faded to be replaced by an anti-clockwise rotating belt over the Southern Ocean- which persists in the latest images.

Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere

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Re: Donald Scott: New Evidence of Birkeland Currents

Unread post by Robertus Maximus » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:51 am

A new type of Aurora Borealis ... ?r=US&IR=T ... d-science

“With the help of NASA scientists and a satellite, Jennifer Briggs, a physics student at Pepperdine University, connected the unusual aurora to a sudden retreat in Earth's magnetic field. It's the first time scientists have seen an aurora caused solely by a compression of Earth's magnetic field.

“Researchers still aren't sure why the magnetic crunch happened, but they think the culprit may have been an unprecedented storm in the region where Earth's magnetic field meets particles from the sun. No one knows where the storm came from or why it caused Earth's magnetic field to shrink so suddenly and rapidly.

“"This motion is something that we've never seen before," Briggs said in a press conference earlier this month.”This eastward and then westward and then spiraling motion is not something that we've ever seen, not something we currently understand."

“At the time of the aurora footage that Briggs found, however, there were no solar eruptions that would have caused Earth's magnetic field to suddenly crunch inward.

"The really fascinating thing is that nothing came from the sun to smash into it," she said.”

We see that solar physicists and geophysicists are wedded to their mechanical models of the solar wind and magnetospheres involving “crunches” and “smashes”. Hence, the puzzle as to why this aurora occurred at all.

In my opinion the size Earth’s magnetosphere represents the difference in potential between Earth and the solar (interplanetary) plasma. This potential is not fixed, it constantly varies, regardless of whether solar eruptions are there to “smash” into the Earth, or not.

I visualise Earth’s magnetosphere to be a series of concentric double layers (misnamed as ‘belts’) which are deformed at Earth’s poles by Birkeland Currents (lobes). At the moment, high altitude winds in the northern hemisphere take the form of a 'figure-eight' or 'snowman' pattern; if this pattern is typical for northern hemisphere winter (keep in mind that the video footage was recorded in December 2016), then why would Electric Universe proponents be surprised by this discovery- unlike mainstream physicists?

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Re: Donald Scott: New Evidence of Birkeland Currents

Unread post by moses » Sat Dec 28, 2019 4:26 pm

With the magnetic north pole moving the fastest ever measured we should be wary of thinking that we know what is going on.


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