How to Escape Black Holes? With Electric Currents...

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How to Escape Black Holes? With Electric Currents...

Unread post by Solar » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:35 am

... of course. Recent computer simulation has lead theorist to come to the conclusion that the formation of electric currents might be one way to "extract" some of the rotation energy from a "black hole":

How to Escape a Black Hole: Simulations Provide New Clues to What’s Driving Powerful Plasma Jets

Because supposedly there is a certain region around a "black hole" called the "“ergosurface" within which all particles "must rotate in the same direction as the hole".

"Our laws of force tend to be applied in the Newtonian sense in that for every action there is an equal reaction, and yet, in the real world, where many-body gravitational effects or electrodynamic actions prevail, we do not have every action paired with an equal reaction." — Harold Aspden


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