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Historic planetary instability and catastrophe. Evidence for electrical scarring on planets and moons. Electrical events in today's solar system. Electric Earth.

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Re: Comet Borisov

Unread post by webolife » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:16 pm

JP Michael wrote:
neilwilkes wrote: Really?
Can I ask you one question - what temperature do you think water ice melts at?
Water ice readily sublimates in certain conditions. That much is, actually, correct. Whether it applies to the highly ionised environment of rocky cometary bodies is another question entirely.
Basic rules of chemistry also beg us to recognize that thresholds such as evaporating, melting and freezing, and sublimation also depend on STP or lack thereof. In addition, sublimation is an effect of ionization as aforementioned, which can be altered by the simple action of light, ie. sunlight.
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