Relevant Resources

Books, journal articles, web pages, and news reports that can help to clarify the history and promise of the Electric Universe hypothesis.

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Relevant Resources

Unread post by jone dae » Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:58 pm

I'm Dr. Jone Dae, and I co-write and publish Jae Kamel's URLs (JKU) with Jae Kamel. Some of you I have 'met' in forums before, most I have not.

I posted a request for a library in which we could upload documents not only relevant to Electric Universe sciences, but also useful for those of us here in the forum, while we are online posting or replying here. I noted since then that there is already a Board Topic for online resources.

Those of you who have read our Lists, which we publish as e-zines, will know that resources which are on the world wide web, are our 'business'. We publish them for free as a public service, and are not a business in that sense. But we have read and annotated at least 10,000 URLs in our Lists, and so had view at least 20,000-40,000 websites, by our estimates. We have have become authorities about what is online and what is not, in the areas and Categories of our lists and so on.

Recenlty we posted that we have made a new Electric Geology Glossary ( ... -glossary/), and explained which "dead" glossaries we used. We often find, especially glossaries and dictionaries, that have gone, and are only available in the Archives; and rarely, sometimes only
in google cache or similar.

So, today we found several more, and one of them is a geology glossary, which we are considering incorporating into our existing glossary; your comments or opinions are welcome. It is here ... ary_2.html , and there are several others there, all from the UCMP (that's the UC Museum of Paleontology at Berkeley) website which died and went to Archives. You can find them here: ... ssary.html , they are:
Volume 1: Phylogenetics
Volume 2: Geology
Volume 3: Biochemistry
Volume 4: Cell Biology
Volume 5: Ecology
Volume 6: Life History
Volume 7: Zoology
Volume 8: Botany
Volume 9: Paleogeography

Of course, everyone here is a scholar or scientist, and all are good at finding their own resources and links; but we are making our results available here, as well as on , our two blogs, and on Scribd, and on a now defunct site called Vortex Based Math which ended in December, 2016.
Dr. Jone Dae's :
Mr. Jae Kamel's :


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Re: Relevant Resources

Unread post by kell1990 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:27 pm

Thank you for posting these links. What a rich resource! It's a veritable online library for those of us who are interested in these things.

Did you ever consider reprising James Burke's great series called "Connections"? You'd be perfect for it.


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