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Unread post by rickard » Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:41 pm

Hi, I try to make a compilation of the central factors in the EU theory and I would be glad if someone well informed could take a look at the following text and tell me if I have understood it right.

The physical universe is extremely dynamic and filled with electromagnetic energy and plasma.
The dominant force in the uiverse is electricity.
The fundamental material of the universe is plasma.

Electrical current organize plasma in spiral shaped filaments, called Birkeland currents, which serves as conducting files for electric current over interplanetary and intergalactic distances.
Around the electric currents in the Birkeland filaments, magnetic fields of various magnitude and extention are created and maintained.

Electrical current organize plasma in cell-like structures, called double layer, wich among other things serve as ”border membrane” in various plasma manifestations, f ex in the so called ”Fermi bubbles”.

In the same way as the particles in the atomic world are electrically charged the ”particles” in macro cosmos, that is, galaxies, stars, planets and comets, are electrically charged.

The rotation of the galaxies, the stars and the planets and their movement through the space, is driven by electromagnetic forces.

The gravity is of electromagnetic natur, and electromagnetic forces holds particles and heavenly bodies on their place in the atomic world and in the solar systems.


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