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Unread post by Lloyd » Thu May 24, 2018 8:55 am

The Ancient Architects YouTube channel has a lot of good stuff.

Ancient Architects ... NCw/videos

The Sphinx of Egypt is MUCH Older + Secret Underground Chambers

Inside The Sphinx - PROOF of Secret Internal Chambers

Pharoah Khufu Did NOT Build the Great Pyramid and it Wasn't a Tomb

Welcome to the Ancient Architects Channel

The Mystery of Gobekli Tepe + Comet Impact and Constellation Carvings

What's Inside the Sumerian Bag? Secret Knowledge of a Lost Ancient Civilisation

Two Sphinx Monuments in Ancient Egypt - The Proof

Sacred Geometry of the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Doggerland: The Cradle of Ancient British Neolithic Civilisation

The Great Pyramid of Egypt - A Mesopotamian Agricultural Machine

The Secret Hidden Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt

CONFIRMED: Large Void Discovery in the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Stonehenge Origins: Facts and Fiction

Are There Two Phases of Building at Machu Picchu in Peru?

The Origins of Ancient Egypt: Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Nabta Playa

Who Built Gobekli Tepe? New Theory

How the Ancients Cut Stone with the Sun - Lost High Technology Explained

Easter Island: Evidence of a Lost Ancient Civilisation

The Mayan Mystery: Ancient Aliens or Secret Codes?

Gobekli Tepe: A French Connection

How the Ancients Cut Stone with Sound - Lost High Technology Explained

The True Story of Christmas: An Ancient Architects History Special

The Artificial Pyramid Casing Stones: Ancient Geopolymer High Technology

The Osireion of Egypt - Lost Ancient Technology

Great Pyramid of Egypt Void Update - NEW Exploration Robot Revealed

Acoustic Levitation in Egypt - Ancient High Technology

A Hypothesis: How Did They Build the Peruvian Stone Walls?

The Secrets of the Serapeum of Saqqara in Egypt

Great Pyramid of Egypt Void Update - Is there an Iron Throne Inside?

The Great Tutankhamen Hoax - Was the Tomb of King Tut Faked?

The Ancient Sumerians in South America

The Mysterious Ruins of the Sacred Valley of Peru: Ñaupa Iglesia

The Great Pyramid Nikola Tesla Power Station + Other Alternative Theories

The Mystery of the Balochistan Sphinx | Indus Valley Civilisation

Major New Discovery: Ancient Maya 'Megalopolis' in Guatemala

The Destruction of Ain Dara Temple

RIP John Anthony West 1932-2018

Unfinished Egyptian Pyramids or Ancient Reservoirs?

The Great Pit of Zawyet El Aryan in Egypt

Using the Equinox to Align the Great Pyramid of Egypt

The Stonehenge Landscape in Danger

The Pyramid of Menkaure + The Egyptian Waterworks of Giza

The Lost Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

New Discovery: Ancient Maya Remains Found in World’s Longest Submerged Cave

7,000-Year-Old Europeans in Florida, North America

The Giza Labyrinth & How the Pyramids Saved Humanity

The Ark of the Covenant & The Great Pyramid of Egypt

Ancient Alien Mummy or Modern Hoax?

Careless Damage to Gobekli Tepe

The Key to Unlock the Great Pyramid of Egypt

NEW DISCOVERY: Huge Amazon Settlement - Ancient Maya Migration?

The Mystery of the Kailasa Temple of India

FOUND: The Lost Pyramids of Lake Moeris in Egypt

Were the Stonehenge Stones On Site Before Humans?

New Nazca Lines Found in Peru

The Great Pyramid of Egypt: The Well Shaft and The Grotto Explained

The Ancient Shark Hunters of Peru

Ancient Astronomers and the Great Serpent Mound of America

Claims: No Void Inside The Great Pyramid of Egypt

The Younger Dryas Event and the Birth of the Gods

The Secrets of the Great Pyramid Solar Boat

King Tutankhamen's Tomb - Secret Chamber?

Why Narmer Built the Great Pyramid Water Pump

The Sphinx was NOT Anubis - it WAS a Lion


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