Sequence of Collisions - Earth - Mars - Venus

Many Internet forums have carried discussion of the Electric Universe hypothesis. Much of that discussion has added more confusion than clarity, due to common misunderstandings of the electrical principles. Here we invite participants to discuss their experiences and to summarize questions that have yet to be answered.

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Sequence of Collisions - Earth - Mars - Venus

Unread post by Angelcuco » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:27 pm

I'm kinda slow. Would someone please be so kind as to explain the sequence of collisions between: Venus/Mars; Venus/Earth; Mars/Earth.
1. When and how many times did Venus collide with Mars? How close did these planets come?
2. When and how many times did Venus collide with Earth? How close did these planets come?
3. When and how many times did Mars collide with Earth? How close did these planets come? :roll:

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Re: Sequence of Collisions - Earth - Mars - Venus

Unread post by Bin-Ra » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:49 am

Some have sought to establish or sketch a sequence - but not to any general consensus.

BUT note the word 'collision is not appropriate'. Think instead of the meeting of electric fields or resonances of field within a larger field as a result of an instability - such as may be cataclysmic locally but part of a larger.

A bug in a bug zapper meets thunderbolts without 'hitting' anything. But one of the amazements to considering the past as being uncovered now - is of survival through it.

The late John Cook (jno cook) gave his efforts at collating and investigating a timeline and in sticking his neck out, but without arrogant presumptions of more than his own best judgements - may have incorporated all kinds of erros and omissions.His work is freely available at

If you don't simply believe but open to views that hold relevance as facets of an integrative unfolding, then you will find due references to a host of other contributors in his work who hols some overlap and some differences.

The journey of discovery is the point - in my view.
Sudden charge imbalances of intensity are the basis of thunderbolts - but also of the kind of 'terraforming' and terrorforming 'weather' that Andy Hall and others are illuminating (on thunderbolts channel).

That ought to give you a basis to find what you are looking for in principle if not as a definitive.
A working model can be a guide to better questions or a coffin of consensus 'reality'.

The mythic record is a confused trail to follow because older events gave rise to symbols that were reused in later events,as well as laying down 'new orders' of ascendency, to again be superseded. After such events subsided from our outer experience, they became psychically distantiated as well as planetary distance. Mythic accounts that made no sense to an emergent rational discovery - albeit upon and within such a framework. Literature or cultural exploration and embellishment of themes then adds to the 'disinformation'.

In terms of asking for evidences in geology and current cosmology we can find much that not only supports the mythic record as historic experience, but shines a greater coherency to a limited and limiting model that cannot shift to a new until our vibrational charge resonates as a true acceptance rather than a contested belief - as I just noticed myself saying!

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Re: Sequence of Collisions - Earth - Mars - Venus

Unread post by moses » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:55 pm

Hi Angelcuco,
As a general idea electrical interactions with Venus, as Venus and Earth neared their present orbits, would have been the last interactions. When Venus was exactly in the ecliptic and in conjunction with Earth at Earth's nearest point to the Sun then severe interactions would have been likely.

Around the time of Noah's flood (2360 BC?) it seems that Mars was near Venus as myths suggest this. Anything before this is best determined by geology in my view.



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