Well Played EU/SAFIRE

Has science taken a wrong turn? If so, what corrections are needed? Chronicles of scientific misbehavior. The role of heretic-pioneers and forbidden questions in the sciences. Is peer review working? The perverse "consensus of leading scientists." Good public relations versus good science.

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Well Played EU/SAFIRE

Unread post by Cargo » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:41 pm

Sneaking in a video of Safire's discoveries during the Plasma Fossil presentation was brilliant. I was very sure that what they showed during SAFIRE III was very limited. The many mentions of Patent already precludes any great Discovery though. And unless Mr.Mungo has an incredible CG Team, I bet 100oz of Silver that the video's 'leaked' during his presentation are actually REAL videos from SAFIRE.

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interstellar filaments conducted electricity having currents as high as 10 thousand billion amperes


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