Human Physical Performance and Gravity

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Human Physical Performance and Gravity

Unread post by Watsong » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:49 am

I encountered the following information about human running speeds, claimed to be 20K years ago. Could it be that Earth's gravity was lower, during the period of this event? And that, therefore, humans weren't necessarily built stronger, faster, better - but were able to achieve greater performance due to lower gravity? Would this be reflected in preserved skeletons from a period in which lower gravity existed, (in the form of lower bone density - along the thoughtline of the effects of microgravity on bone density)? ... 02501.html
"His conclusions about the speed of Australian aboriginals 20,000 years ago are based on a set of footprints, preserved in a fossilized claypan lake bed, of six men chasing prey."
"Many prehistoric Australian aboriginals could have outrun world 100 and 200 metres record holder Usain Bolt in modern conditions."
"...speeds of 37 kph on a soft, muddy lake edge". ... ing-23mph/
"...3 entire KPH faster than Bolt’s world record speed."

A book on prehistoric man, by Peter McAllister: ... thropology

" nearly every category he examined modern man was beaten by his ancestors."

Also, can the 20K years ago date even be accurate, given the dubious nature of carbon dating methods? Ref:
(Peter Mungo, Upheaval, 03 October 2018).

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Re: Human Physical Performance and Gravity

Unread post by tholden » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:44 am

The large sauropod dinosaurs would require at least a 3-1 reduction in gravity just to stand up and walk. The antediluvian lifespans you read about in the Bible were also related to gravity, which is the main source of stress on land animals.


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