The Full Implications of Neuroplasticity

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Re: The Full Implications of Neuroplasticity

Unread post by Sithri » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:43 pm

I am loving these posts about how experience shapes the brain, and that each brain is unique. If it weren't so, we would all have the same memories, speech, knowledge, etc. And the comparison to phrenology is spot on. If we want to understand the mind, we must first start with the mind, and then the brain. What is the reason for our first-personal awareness of our own immaterial minds? If it's the brain, then we would expect to find, such as in awake neurosurgery, a 'happening' of certain mental aspects that occur simultaneously with the brain's functioning. The hard problem of consciousness is muddled more by unique brains.

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Re: The Full Implications of Neuroplasticity

Unread post by Brigit Bara » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:06 am

Yes, and the interesting part is that not only experience and bonds structure the brain, but the timing of the learning also appears to be very important. But as GaryN posted, one man is getting along in life with only the cortex and cerebellum.


Now that has to be about the most extreme form of neuroplasticity there is!
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