Request for God Star by Cardona to be released as an e-book

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Request for God Star by Cardona to be released as an e-book

Unread post by Phorce » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:18 am


I was listening to Thornhill here: ... -universe/

He recommended reading Cardona's books:

However I cannot quite afford the $69 though Thunderbolts. I went to Amazon looking for a Kindle copy and, absurdly, the book is listed there with a price tag of over £1000 (!). Would it be possible to create a Kindle e-book of this work ? Then ...

1. Readers can order the usual e-book sample which, I suspect, increases sales because readers can get a preview of what they are buying.

2. Amazon Kindle e-books are usually set at more affordable prices for those non-academic/non-scientist readers like me who are on a budget.

Works like this need to be got out there to the mass reading public.
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