Langmuir Bursts

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Langmuir Bursts

Unread post by jacmac » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:43 am

Taken from TOPD of October31, 2019

Langmuir Bursts
Posted on October 30, 2019 by Stephen Smith
Double layers develop on the Sun as electricity flows through its plasma. Positive charges build up in one region and negative charges build up nearby.
We have learned, on this website and elsewhere, that electromagnet events are scalable.
It certainly seems to me that solar flares are double layer driven as described in this TOPD.

I suggest that the entire sun itself is also a Double Layer.

From Wikipedia:
Cellular nature: While double layers are relatively thin, they will spread over the entire cross surface of a laboratory container. Likewise where adjacent plasma regions have different properties, double layers will form and tend to cellularise the different regions.[30]
It looks to me like the photosphere is the top of the inner plasma environment,
the chromosphere is the area between the layers , and the corona is the outer layer.

My idea is that the plasma in our solar system collects around, and charges, an inner body within the "sun", sets up a double layer to isolate and maintain that charged body and its plasma environment.

I think there is not a separate current entering at the poles of the sun and powering a "solar discharge".

I do think the sun is, as described in the above Wikki quote, a cellular structure that forms around the most massive (and/or chargeable )body in our part of the galaxy, becoming our solar system.



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