Albuquerque '13 Conference - Travel & Lodging Logistics

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Albuquerque '13 Conference - Travel & Lodging Logistics

Unread post by forum_admin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:29 pm

It might be a good idea to start planning logistics for the 2013 conference in Albuquerque.

If anyone is planning on driving to the conference, we can see who might be willing to carpool.
If someone will have transportation at the conference (renting a car), who might be willing to help ferry folks from the airport to their hotels?
Is anyone interested room sharing arrangements?

It might be helpful to list things like:

Where are you coming from?
Will you be driving, flying or coming by bus/train.
What will your expected arrival/departure date/time/location be?
Will you be renting a car? Are you willing to help chauffeur other attendees from their planes, trains [and automobiles]?
Where will you be staying? do you have extra space for a room sharing arrangement?


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