Call to arms: Electric Universe Scholarship Project!

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Call to arms: Electric Universe Scholarship Project!

Unread post by EUspokesman » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:31 am


Wanna talk about a mad idea? Lets talk about posterity! The Electric Universe now has a conference scholarship, and this year we are trying to expand it out to 8 recipients. Hopefully, over time, we will be able to expand this program even more, but as it stands right now, we are having enough trouble expanding it out to just 8 people!

If you are unfamiliar with this scholarship (how could you??!! haha), head on over to! If you are already familiar, we have given the site a major revamp recently; stop by and drop us a line to tell us what you think.

We only have two weeks left, and 6 grand that we still need to make (!!!) ! This means that we need your help: we are promoting this haarrdd, please help us promote it! Splatter it all over facebook, twitter, tell your friends about the idea, and even encourage that they support the scholarship if the like the idea! Toss us whatever spare change you can afford, but spreading the word is the best thing that could happen for us right now.

So this is my appeal to you - tell one person about us who has never heard of the scholarship project! The scholarship appeals to more than just people into astrophysics (et al) or people familiar with the EU; the main theme is that school was not motivational (and was even demotivational), and that this scholarship provides a way to get in touch with a group/idea that is very motivating. This message should resonate regardless of whether someone has heard of the EU or not.

So to recap: We have two weeks, and 6 grand that we need to make! This scholarship is the seed of a potentially wildly successful outreach program, but we need people behind the program or the seed will die (I don't want it to die :( ). Please, tell anyone and everyone you can! You can even just send the link, the page was designed to be completely self-explanatory. And, if you have the means to directly contribute yourself, even a measly $5 dollars will help.

You guys are awesome :)



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