Tales Related to the Saturn Myth?

Plasma formations in the ancient sky. The role of planets as charged bodies in these formations. Ground-rules for drawing reliable conclusions. A new approach to the mythic archetypes: is a unified theory of world mythology possible?
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Tales Related to the Saturn Myth?

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:05 pm

- In the following tales I'll make suggestions as to how the characters may relate to the Saturn Configuration. I invite anyone to offer other views.
a. Adam = Mars; Adam means "red" or "red clay" and Mars is red.
b. Eve = Venus; Eve [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eve_(Bible)] means "source of life", "living", "breathing"; Eve = Hurrian Goddess "Kheba" = Asherah, the serpent goddess; Venus = Ouroboros, the great comet, the fiery serpent ....
c. Garden of Eden = Saturn Configuration and probably relates also to Earth's early idyllic state as a pleasant biosphere with no dangers.
d. Tree of Life = Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil = the polar plasma column.
e. Apple = Pentacle [five seeds inside the core] = ???
f. Serpent = Eve = Venus?

a. Santa Claus = Mars; Santa has red suit; Mars is red; Santa goes up and down the christmas tree; Mars went up and down the polar column.
b. Reindeer & Sleigh = moons of Mars?
c. Christmas Tree = North Pole = green[?] polar plasma column.
d. Star or Angel atop christmas tree = Saturn etc atop the polar column.
e. Gifts = ?

a. Jack = Mars;
b. Beanstalk = [green?] polar plasma column.
c. White Goose = Venus.
d. Golden Egg = yellow Saturn, or gifts or treasures from Saturn?
e. Giant = Saturn?
f. Cut down Beanstalk = polar column severed; Giant fell away = Saturn left.

a. Robin = Mars.
b. Maid Marian = Venus.
c. Maypole = polar column.
d. Forest = Garden of Eden = Saturn Configuration.
e. Sheriff = Adversary = serpent?
f. The Rich = Saturn.
f. Stealing Wealth from the Rich for the Poor = pieces of Saturn.

a. Jack = Mars.
b. Jill = Venus.
c. Hill = polar column.
d. Falling & Tumbling = Motions of Mars & Venus after disintegration of Saturn Configuration.
d. Water from Well atop hill = Great Flood from polar column after disintegration of Saturn Configuration.
e. Broken Crown = Crescent of Saturn?

a. Sword = polar column with cross on top.
b. Cross = cross of Saturn.
c. Damocles = Mars, envious of the King.
d. King = Saturn.
e. Horsehair [holding sword] = precarious stability of the Saturn configuration.

a. Sisyphus = Mars, a trickster in life, condemned in death to rolling a boulder up a hill over and over.
b. Hill = polar column.
c. Boulder = Mars.
d. Hades = Underworld = Earth = Death.
e. Handcuffs = Restrainer of Death = Immortality in Saturn's Golden Age?
[Sisyphys asked Hades to demonstrate how the Handcuffs worked and thus tricked Hades into cuffing himself].
f. Persephone = Queen of the Dead = Venus?
g. River Styx = polar column?
h. Charon = the Ferryman = Mars, crosser of the column?

Velikovsky wrote "Mankind in Amnesia", which I think was a chapter in his book, Worlds in Collision. I think he stated there or in later articles that the collective unconscious of humans contains memories of the Golden Age and the Catastrophic era, which artists seem to be most susceptible to revealing in arts, including poetry, novels etc. Shakespeare's plays and modern soap operas have been discussed in this vein in Kronos magazine.

Here's a good website about Greek Myths: http://www.mythweb.com/encyc/contents.html.

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Re: Tales Related to the Saturn Myth?

Unread post by Krackonis » Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:26 pm

I'm with you on all these analogies, but I would think that the River Styx may be the Rings of the Planet Earth, and crossing them is crossing into the underworld.

Otherwise, nice work ;P

I'm trying to see if this means anything.

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Also, Hopscotch is the stairway to heaven. The game of Marbles may be similar.

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