Registration difficulties - ALL USERS please read this.

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Registration difficulties - ALL USERS please read this.

Unread post by davesmith_au » Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:56 am

Giday all.

It recently came to our attention that since the new forum has been up (and on a new host), there have been ongoing problems with registrations, and also with "Topic Reply Notifications" and such.

Up until now, I have simply checked on a daily basis for accounts awaiting activation (without knowing why they were not yet activated...) and manually activated them so that at least our new members can enjoy the forum as soon as practicable.

But it now has become apparent that the automated mailing system has been allocated to an IP address which has problems interacting with certain ISPs, hence the "webmaster" account incoming mail had not been read by anyone at Thunderbolts (which is why no-one knew of nor responded to anyone's problems), and the outgoing automatic mails were being rejected by certain ISPs.

Whilst these problems have not been completely fixed to our satisfaction, at least we are now aware of them and are attempting to have them recified, which will be an ongoing situation for a short time.

It has always been my intention since taking over the Forum Administrator duties to respond to all problems and complaints personally and with minimal delay, but due to the circumstances above it appears many problems have been met with silence from the Admins, and for this I profuoundly apologise.

Should anyone have further difficulties both members and non-members alike, please don't hesitate to email me on my 'outside' email address: (replace AT with the @ symbol).

Again we apologise for the difficulties people have had to date, and can only offer that we were not aware of said difficulties, however now we are aware of and are attempting to fix the problems I hope people's mail is attended to quickly and appropriately.

Best regards, Dave Smith.
Forum Administrator,
for and on behalf of the Thunderbolts Project.
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