How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Body, Magnetic Fields and the Kidney Flush (part 2)

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?
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How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Body, Magnetic Fields and the Kidney Flush (part 2)

Unread post by Zathras » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:42 pm

The kidneys are extremely delicate, congest easily, have a high flow rate and filter about 1 litre per minute of blood, problems can (appear) to rise quickly from nowhere resulting in hospitalization or worse. Kidney stones are a hidden killer and kidney grease/crystals/stones are generally progressive and are difficult to detect on ultrasound and x-rays early on.
Kidney stones are identified as calcium oxalate, struvite stones, uric acid, amino acid stones(e.g. cystine) and phosphate stones.
If you had liver and gall bladder stones covered in part 1, this will likely mean there is a silent problem with the kidneys which needs to be sorted, it is essential to reset the electric charge of the liver first really but some will benefit by jumping straight to the kidney flush first and doing it in reverse order, not everyone is well enough to goto straight to the rather abrasive and draining on the body liver flush. For example if you have just come out of chemo that would be a bad idea, do the kidney flush first to remind the body of it's Nature, meaning the natural Elements and vibrations that decorate the cells, chemo creates artificial frequencies and resonances. (Moritz warns you must wait 6 months before a liver flush because of the extreme toxicity of the treatment)

Kidney Problem Tell Signs

The colour of the urine should not be dark yellow, generally the clearer it is the better, lots of staining on the toilet seat is a sign of excess crystals, also the smell is an indicator.
The colour of the eyes being slightly yellow and small yellow spots on the whites of the eyes mean kidney stones. Another is tiny lumps under the skin on the face and possibly somewhere on the body like the back.
Thirsty a lot is another sign, like wanting to drink soda drinks all the time.

Always farting, means the kidneys are short of magnesium or oil, when fart a lot the kidney cells which have a rotating resonance (like a water vortex, but is not a real vortex) slip a gear, imagine they are like delicate cogs in a machine or time piece and they are finely meshed with the other organs.

Hands and feet going cold and no feeling is another sign of kidney problems, the small drains of the veins (blood vessels) do not reach to the nerves of the kidney cells inside, when this happens the rotating spiral resonance has less speed and then this becomes a blood clot inside the small blood vessel drains, this means no oxygen and that’s why hands and feet shake and eye colour changes to orange/yellow.


A good and safe way to flush the kidneys is slowly over 1-2 months using a root tonic herbal tea. The roots of plants are the most powerful part, they contain the Elements required for life and produce the electricity for the plant, most of the following are roots with a couple of exceptions as leaves and stems.
It is important not to drink alcohol, take medicines or eat too much processed food during the cleanse because this will conflict with the method and possibly render it useless or even develop an intolerance to some of the ingredients.
Try to avoid powdered versions as they are weaker and avoid tinctures or ebay kidney flush pre mixes which can’t be depended on for efficacy, some of the ingredients are fairly expensive others not. Some are key such as gravel root which was used in traditional medicine for kidney problems going back hundreds of years.

(See page 341 of Moritz’s 2012 book here for a further explanation or obtain a free PDF, it is not in some of the earlier versions. ... 0984595449)

The Ingredients

Marjoram – 1 oz
Cat’s claw - 1 oz
Comfrey root – 1 oz
Fennel root – 2 oz
Chicory root – 2 oz
Uva ursi – 2 oz
Hydrangea root – 2 oz
Gravel root – 2 oz
Marsh mellow root – 2oz
Golden rod herb – 2 oz

Mix all these together in a large kilner jar, it is suggested to store excess ingredients in smaller jars for freshness as it is more economic to order a larger amount in 1 go and commit to the method in advance rather than ordering small amounts which is expensive.
It is estimated the final cost will be $70 - $100 for 1 to 2 months supply depending on strength and local availability.

Next you must make an infusion by soaking 15 to 30 grams of the well shaken mix for around 8 to 12 hours in 1 pint or 2 cups of water (preferably filtered). Soaking too long will cause it to deteriote, there is a sweet spot which I guess is about 9 hours.
Soaking in too much or too little water will either make the kidney flush not as effective but strong tasting or too weak and running to the toilet all night, experience and a little practise will guide the process to optimal levels.

Drink 1 to 2 hours before bed at around 8-10PM, making sure you have not eaten any food for at least 2 or 3 hours, the longer the better, you must make the kidneys thirsty for water, they will absorb better, the results are far improved, make the cells hungry and eager.
Typical mistakes include eating a big fatty late meal for tea then drinking it shortly afterwards, no harm is done but its a matter of will power and life style changes during the process (which is not easy I know!)

Do not drink it with food or take in the day because it will not have chance to work on the kidneys by itself and tends to just combine and corrupt with the food, night time is normally best for most things when the body is repairing and in downtime (the consciousness has no destination and is more flexible, food fixes a destination wave path which you don’t want)

A early sign it is working well which I had for the first 2 days was very dark orange pee, you know you are on the right path if you see that but its not always the case although it should be a little darker really at some point. The idea is to steadily chip away at the tiny stones and to strengthen the Elements and vibrations that make them in the body.

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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Body, Magnetic Fields and the Kidney Flush (part 2)

Unread post by Zathras » Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:17 pm

Theory and Predictions from the Scalar Wave Biology Model


Decoration:- This is how well decorated a cell for example is. What this means, imagine you have an empty room in your house, it is plain and dull, now this is a blank sheet for decoration, if you paint it in many colours, put shelves up, add a door and some cupboards, then you have added to it's decorative value, it has stronger decoration. With cells, it means the diversity of vibrational sets for generation of lets say how many colours or attributes on a parrot or the colour of someone's skin, the amplitude of the vibration means a stronger colour tone, longer finger nails or simply a curly hair vibration. Notice curly hair can disappear with age, this is the weakening of the amplitude of the Element make makes us have curly hair, its possible to reverse this partially.
(Decoration and Elements can apply to planets and moons, the more decoration means more species and diversity, each animal and plant can be considered an Element on Earth)

Magnetic Weight:- When the term weight is used it means how heavy the magnetic field is. Essentially it is the strength and result of somebody’s bio-field, life-force or Qi, how heavy their vibrations are. The magnetic field as a rule steadily becomes corrupt.

Electric Field Density:- This is how thick and dense the electric field and the resonances are. The electric field is considered pure, forming the bridge and mid point between conscious to the end result of the magnetic field which then forms consciousness.

Face:- Imagine 2 sides of a coin, you have heads and you have tails, therefore there are 2 faces but normally you can only see 1 face similar to looking in a mirror, its not possible to see behind the mirror unless you look from another perspective. The Moon has 2 faces and the electric/magnetic fields are 2 faces. (Not to be confused with dualities such as male and female or hot and cold, although it can be reasoned and formulated that the electric/magnetic field exists as a duality as well)

The first 'store' kidney is a spiral whirlpool shaped store type of rotating resonance and the second 'drain' kidney is a funnel shaped drain type (similar to a plug emptying water). The store kidney dumps the toxic magnetic field of the blood to the drain kidney. Then the store kidney will magnetize back up with a new ever increasingly toxic magnetic field.
Each kidney has an opposite face to each other and are frequency synchronized and phase locked together, are 180 degrees out of phase, and operate kind of like in ‘sentences’ when resonating with each other. Length of the urine will be the length of the ‘sentence’. Faeces operate like a pump with pressure from the oxygen (has a scalar wave which can be generated and added artificially by an electronic circuit, see part 3).

When the kidney cells can’t supply the blood because of a small blood clot on the legs for example, the spiral rotating resonance around the store kidney becomes much slower, this will make other organ cells nearby have a problem like forcing the blood to go in the opposite direction making it backup, this can cause a headache, sensitive eyes, and a scratchy back or abdomen.
When the blood backs up, it will put oxygen backward to other organs, this will make either the red or white blood cells have a high or low blood pressure.(the red and white blood cells are a resonate pair and oscillate together)

And also other organ cells will have less oxygen, like the liver, gall bladder and intestine cells, this means their nerves are squashed and under pressure and unable to be flexible. This results in the bacteria on the nerves being not able to breath as well because of less oxygen to the cells, this will make the majority of the bacteria clump together and think to do the same thing, usually they are separate and diverse, this includes both good and bad bacteria of the liver, gall bladder and intestines cells.
This results in thinking only 1 thing, so they automatically process themselves like a food processor with mixed foods inside, this is a big problem because they digest all food good or bad as ‘garbage’ because they only know 1 thing and there is no site specific selection any more. So they will break everything down as processed food and feed the liver, gall bladder and intestine cells as ‘garbage’. ‘Garbage’ is like some bad errant soldiering on a circuit board (its on the aether of those nerves around the cells).
The next time they eat food again, the new garbage will push the old garbage out of the way which will go inside the small blood vessel drains but because the large drains (veins) join with the small drains, the bacteria inside the veins in the proteins will suck the garbage to the proteins itself by the iron and magnetic field attraction within us, then finally the liver, intestines and gall bladder will develop lumps inside them.
The liver and kidney flushes will provide the oxygen to the nerve endings which will spread out more and become more flexible (makes more efficient scalar wave antennas)
(Covid vaccination sites that have magnets stick to the injection sites is thought to be caused by an induced thinner resonance in the body with less magnetic weight and the magnetic field of the body has a disrupted circuit resulting in focusing of the scalar waves to specific areas of magnetic proteins i.e the lumps which become blood clots)

The female is different because she has periods every month, has different electricity and a different circuit of electric charge, this is to protect the female’s eggs from a resonance that is outside of the circuit on the aether which is a pollution like noise, crosstalk or electromagnetic emissions on the outside of a circuit causing interference with it’s own self by feedback.
Women who have endometriosis for example who do a liver flush and reset their electric charge means the new setting will push the resonance of the outside circuit resonance out further, this means their own resonance is much stronger and this results in the eggs being protected more by a stronger magnetic field in the kidneys through to the womb where the eggs are. The periods make the woman’s kidney’s magnetic field reset itself each month. Female cells are larger for having children.

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