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Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Feb 27, 2021 6:57 pm



"Leftist" Documentary against Renewable Energy

The perfect recipe for efficient perovskite solar cells ... cells.html

Agile underwater glider could quietly survey the seas ... urvey.html

Positive reinforcements help algorithm forecast underground natural reserves ... erves.html

New material is next step toward stable, high-voltage, long-life, solid-state batteries ... state.html

Experts call for home battery storage to protect vulnerable during outages ... rable.html

New sustainable building simulation method points to the future of design ... uture.html

A fluid-magnetic solution for sorting plastic waste ... astic.html

Laser pulses act as subtle machining tools ... ubtle.html

Using plasma technology make cheap fertilizer for small farmers ... world.html

new way to create a hologram

Engineers place molecule-scale devices in precise orientation ... ecise.html

The quest for the magic angle for graphene to become a superconductor

New 'metalens' shifts focus without tilting or moving ... lting.html

Researchers discover affordable method for production of transparent solar cells ... cells.html

Electrolyte 'boost' improves performance of aqueous dual-ion batteries ... eries.html

New method converts methane in natural gas to methanol at room temperature ... hanol.html

New catalyst could enable better lithium-sulfur batteries, power next-gen electronics ... power.html

A salt solution for desalinating brine ... brine.html

smart adaptive windows ... nated.html

An intelligent soft material that curls & uncurls ... ssure.html

transforming toxic molecules in air at low temperatures ... tures.html

Turning crop waste into high-value fashion products ... ducts.html

Paper without the microplastics: An economical and ecofriendly coating ... ating.html

Questions they don't want you to ask about the global power outages ... er-outages

MM Physics Articles ... icles#6481


Privacy faces risks in tech-infused post-COVID workplace ... place.html

What is the allure of the invite-only social media network? ... ocial.html

Red Canary researchers find evidence of malware on Apple computers ... ected.html

Health care bore brunt of cyberattacks in 2020 ... tacks.html

report on the impact of online communities ... nline.html

AI is killing choice and chance—changing what it means to be human ... human.html

data transfer system that can transmit information 10 times faster than a USB ... cable.html

Data limits could vanish with new optical antennas ... ennas.html

fragments of splitting atomic nuclei begin spinning after scission ... ssion.html


Cold gas pipelines feeding early, massive galaxies ... xies-study

Insight-HXMT gives insight into origin of fast radio bursts ... radio.html

Cold dust cores in the central zone of the Milky Way ... milky.html

Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born [from?] quasars ... -born.html

stellar kinematics of the galactic disc ... -disc.html

galactic source of gamma rays that could produce very high-energy cosmic rays ... nergy.html

star with dust disc that is being fed by surrounding material ... erial.html

Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their smaller neighbours ... aller.html

Magnetic fields drive astrophysical jet shapes ... l-jet.html

The GRANTECAN discovers the largest cluster of galaxies known in the early universe [PS, redshift is misinterpreted] ... early.html

stadium-sized asteroid headed towards Earth ... ards-Earth

Hubble spots comet near Jupiter ... ar-Jupiter

Searching for life in NASA's Perseverance Mars samples ... mples.html

Sounding rocket CLASP2 elucidates solar magnetic field ... netic.html

seasonal processes create linear gullies on the slopes of the megadune in the Russell crater on Mars ... sonal.html

Apollo rock samples capture key moments in the Moon's early history ... ments.html

Perseverance rover gives high-definition panoramic view of landing site ... -view.html

Parker Solar Probe offers stunning view of Venus ... -view.html

Imaging space debris in high resolution ... ution.html

What geologists see when they look at Perseverance's landing site
[It says: "Two incoming watercourses fed the lake, and overflow carved a channel out of the lake." The two incoming may be water courses, but the outflow channel seems to be electrically carved, because the color scale shows the elevation going up and down, i.e. light and dark blue and purple.] ... -site.html


Hyksos were not invaders of Egypt

Evidence Of An Ancient Cataclysm? Megalithic Huaytara In Peru
[from solar flare? Why are lower layers burnt, but not upper layers?]

Radioactivity in meteorites sheds light on origin of heaviest elements in our solar system ... solar.html

End of Neanderthals linked to flip of Earth's magnetic poles ... y-suggests

Space [ionospheric] hurricane observed for the first time ... first-time

Magnetic pole shift + low solar activity: 'A global environmental crisis' has begun ... -has-begun

30-pound meteorite that recently crashed in Sweden ... al-village

Texas 'deep freeze': Urgent climate warning - but not how you think ... -you-think

'Unique' petrified tree up to 20 million years old found intact in Lesbos ... -in-Lesbos

Life Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet + Big Cretaceous Fish ... -sheet.htm

Laschamp Australia Magnetic Reversal ... ursion.htm

Is It Coming Undone [Ice Age Theory]

Asteroid Dust & Petroleum Fire at Chicxulub ... cxulub.htm

Gunnison's Black Canyon: The Flood Solves Mysterious Missing Time ... ious-time/

Largest Canyons Were Formed by the Receding Flood ... ing-flood/

Australia’s oldest known rock art is a 17,000-year-old kangaroo ... -kangaroo/

Gorgeous Egyptian Art From 4,600 Years Ago Reveals an Extinct Goose ... yptian-art

NEW Evidence for Ancient Technology! Review of BAM, and interview with director Patrice Pouillard!

Two Ancient Egyptian Sites Right Beside The Nile: Esna And Kom Ombo

Old Underground City Found In Turkey

Archeologists Expose Real Age of Pumapunku?

Ancient High-Technology @ Qoricancha?

Liquid Mercury Found Beneath Teotihuacan?

Ep060 Relict Appalachian Megaflood Phenomena

Health News

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Mar 07, 2021 6:28 pm



Nanotube-infused anode enables more efficient potassium-ion batteries ... m-ion.html

An autonomous underwater robot saves people from drowning ... eople.html

Technologies to rapidly restore the electrical grid after cyberattack come online ... ttack.html

The world's first high-temperature ammonia-powered fuel cell for shipping ... -cell.html

New Lego-like beams could revolutionize construction ... onize.html

Researchers improve efficiency of next-generation solar cell material ... erial.html

Aircraft 'central nervous system' could reduce structural fatigue accidents ... dents.html

A fluid solution to dendrite growth in lithium metal batteries ... thium.html

New generation of tiny, agile drones ... rones.html

Fight fires using less harmful chemicals ... icals.html

US infrastructure gets C- from engineers as roads stagnate ... gnate.html

Assessing the costs of major power outages ... tages.html

Robots designed to avoid environmental dangers & deliver data quickly ... ickly.html

Soft robot swims in the Mariana Trench ... rench.html

Drones vs hungry moths: Dutch use hi-tech to protect crops ... -tech.html

Recycled cotton becomes new fabric ... abric.html

Finding a better way to recover precious metals from electronic waste ... ronic.html

An innovative contactless method for the timely harvest of soft fruits ... -soft.html

Dethroning electrocatalysts for hydrogen production with inexpensive alternative material ... nsive.html

New copolymer binder to extend the life of lithium ion batteries ... m-ion.html

'Fungal ghosts' protect skin, fabric from toxins, radiation ... oxins.html

MM-related Physics Articles ... icles#6488


Digitizing archives can increase access to information but compromise privacy ... ivacy.html

Pumping perovskites into a semiconductor platform ... tform.html

Better thin metal film based electrodes ... based.html

Elements for future electronics ... onics.html

Privacy-preserving tools leave private data unprotected ... ected.html

Virtual reality helps people stay fit and well through lockdown ... kdown.html

Study reveals extent of privacy vulnerabilities with Amazon's Alexa ... mazon.html

How the world ran out of semiconductors ... ctors.html

A new and non-intrusive method for preventing cyber attacks on Android devices ... vices.html

Photonics discovery portends dramatic efficiencies in silicon chips ... licon.html

Covering metal catalyst surfaces with thin two-dimensional oxide materials can enhance chemical reactions ... ional.html


Chemical signatures of iron predict red supergiant temperature ... giant.html

The distance to the North Polar Spur ... -spur.html

Gamma-ray and optical flares detected from the blazar S5 1803+784 ... ar-s5.html

The Milky Way's merging history: Reconstructing the Cetus stream ... cetus.html

Hubble looks at a 'black eye' galaxy ... alaxy.html

Aging stars provide a new cosmological yardstick [I doubt that they can tell a star's age] ... stick.html

Hubble solves mystery of monster star's dimming ... bble-study

Mars Crater Sand Dunes ... utflow.htm

Source of hazardous high-energy particles located in the Sun ... in-the-Sun

Organic materials essential for life on Earth are found for the first time on the surface of an asteroid ... f-asteroid

Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets ... rocky.html

NASA's new Mars rover hits dusty red road, 1st trip 21 feet ... y-red.html

Unknown magnetospheric mechanisms in the polar aurora revealed ... a-revealed

Comet becomes Asteroid ... et-ld2.htm


Academic intolerance on the rise ... r-scholars

Scientists Detect Signs of a Hidden Structure Inside Earth’s Core ... et-history

A cephalopod has passed a cognitive test designed for human children ... n-children

European domestic dog may have originated in Southwestern Germany ... rn-Germany

Cyclical mountain 'tsunamis' have been occurring in Chilean Patagonia for last 10,000 years ... 0000-years

Volcanic activity below desert discovered in Utah ... ed-in-Utah

Woolly mammoths lived alongside first humans in New England ... ew-England

Did a long-period comet kill the dinosaurs?

more than 30,000 earthquakes have been registered in the Bransfield Strait, a 60 mile wide channel between the South Shetland Islands and the West Antarctic Peninsula

New British Columbia Canyon

How chalk made England + Green Rape of Europe

Ancient impact in the Kalahari Desert

No Evidence T. rex Hatchlings Had Feathers ... -feathers/

Primate ancestor of all humans likely roamed with the dinosaurs ... vered.html

Bahamas were settled earlier than believed ... scape.html

Carolina Bays - Time of Emplacement
See also:

The Lost Ancient Civilisation of Iran: Links to Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia & Gobekli Tepi

In Search of Our Origins, the Primal Culture & the Birth of Solar Bird God Cult | Ancient Architects

NEW Evidence for Ancient Technology

Stonehenge, Giants and Druids - a conversation with Hugh Newman

Ancient Europe connections to Ancient Egypt

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Mar 14, 2021 3:47 am



Drones vs hungry moths: Dutch use hi-tech to protect crops ... -tech.html

Israeli 5-minute battery charge aims to fire up electric cars ... ctric.html

Rapid, reliable on-site drug detection using wearable sensor ... rable.html

Global semiconductor shortage: A small and shrinking number of the world's computer chips are made in the U.S. ... world.html

'Wearable microgrid' uses the human body to sustainably power small gadgets ... nably.html

New material will triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries ... eries.html

Apartment made from waste glass and textiles showcases 'green' ceramics ... green.html

The human body as a power plant ... power.html

Producing highly efficient LEDs based on 2D perovskite films ... skite.html

Solar cell breakthrough: Researchers observe singlet fission reaction at nanosecond timescale ... ssion.html

Smart windows could reduce the need for energy-hungry air conditioners ... oners.html

Light collection for solar cells

Using softened wood to create electricity in homes ... homes.html

There's still life in the old combustion engine: Meet the Argon Power Cycle ... power.html

new transistor based on metal nanoparticles and ionic gradients ... ionic.html

An investigation of thin liquid films at interfaces between ice and clay materials ... -clay.html

a new high-temperature superconductor ... uctor.html

Superconducting coils for contactless power transmission in the kilowatt range ... owatt.html

New technique brings the study of molecular configuration into the microscopic domain ... omain.html

Demolition waste is being turned into new concrete

Recyclable bioplastic membrane to clear oil spills from water ... e-oil.html

Yarns coated with enzymes can act as filters ... lters.html

Nikola Tesla's Revolutionary Turbine Still Lies Untouched, Here's How It Works ... 12254.html

Nikola Tesla's Turbine - Pump - Rotary Engine - Compressor ... ion-engine

MM related Science ... icles#6493


Making artificial intelligence understandable: Constructing explanation processes ... ation.html

Assessing regulatory fairness through machine learning ... chine.html

Machine learning to accelerate the design for better batteries ... marts.html

Researchers develop new algorithm that could reduce complexity of big data ... y-big.html

Classic math problem solved: Computer scientists have developed a superb algorithm for finding the shortest route ... uperb.html

Researchers create a hybrid transistor, promising smaller and faster transistors ... unnel.html

New ransomware strain exploits Microsoft Exchange security flaw ... hange.html

Using artificial intelligence to generate 3D holograms in real-time ... -time.html


Highest-energy cosmic rays detected in star clusters ... r-clusters

Rare supernova remnant discovered in the core of the Milky Way ... -Milky-Way

Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered [Conventional estimates of distance are wrong] ... -jets.html

Researchers explore mass segregation of galaxy globular clusters ... bular.html

History of an RV Tauri variable ... ntury.html

Meteorite from brilliant UK fireball is England's first in 30 years ... n-30-years

Moon's comet-like tail

Early Mars climate was intermittently warm ... ently.html

Large asteroid to pass by Earth on March 21 ... -nasa.html


space hurricane in earth's upper atmosphere

Zodiacal Dust

Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on byproducts of radioactive process ... ve-process

Neanderthals disappeared from Europe earlier than thought ... ught-study

*Gondwana: Antarctica's magnetic link to ancient neighbors
- ... -neighbors
- (

The world's oldest crater from a meteorite isn't an impact crater after all ... -isnt.html

A strange mix of plants and animals during the Ice Age

Destruction of Plants Fits Flood Narrative ... -narrative

*The human footprints of Ojo Guareña between 4600 and 4200 years ago ... uarea.html

Nuclear Craters and Carolina Bays

The 9,000-Year-Old Spirit Masks of the Ancient Ancestors | Ancient Architects

The 9,000-Year-Old Statues of Ain Ghazal of Ancient Jordan | Ancient Architects

The 11,000-Year-Old Urfa Man and Links to Gobekli Tepe, Ancient Europe & Egypt | Ancient Architects

The Younger Dryas Impact that Gave Birth to Ancient Civilisation | Ancient Architects

Ollantaytambo, Coricancha and the Temple of the Moon [in Peru] with the Snake Bros!

(Full Links) ... essage=290

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 20, 2021 1:25 pm



Standard digital camera and AI to monitor soil moisture for affordable smart irrigation ... -soil.html

How artificial intelligence can help curb traffic accidents in cities ... dents.html

how can Texas create a more resilient power grid? ... lient.html

Engineers utilize 'swarmalation' to design active materials for self-regulating soft robots ... obots.html

Quadruped robot automatically adapts in unstructured outdoor environments ... tdoor.html

How to prevent short-circuiting in next-gen lithium batteries ... eries.html

New software improves accuracy of factories' mass-produced 3D-printed parts ... inted.html

New model helps cities crack bottlenecks, decrease commute times ... mmute.html

New perovskite design shows path to higher efficiency ... iency.html

Organic semiconductors that could help generate electricity from industrial and residential waste heat ... ntial.html

Engineers improve the technology of high-performance concrete casting in winter ... inter.html

Using ships themselves to monitor and predict waves

Researchers develop water-tube-based triboelectric nanogenerator for efficient ocean wave energy harvesting ... ocean.html

Big Tech backs plan to tackle e-waste crisis ... risis.html

New electrolyte additives for high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries ... eries.html

New perovskite fabrication method for solar cells paves way to large-scale production ... cells.html

New analysis shows potential for 'solar canals' in California ... ornia.html

Is it worth investing in solar PV with batteries at home? ... eries.html

Reactive boride infusion stabilizes nickel-rich cathodes for lithium-ion batteries ... -rich.html

Can artificial intelligence combat wildfires? California county tests new technology ... ornia.html

recent advancements in the development of solid-state batteries ... eries.html

first self-cooling laser made with a silica fiber ... fiber.html

Robust and ultralow-energy-threshold ignition of lean fuels by an ultrashort-pulsed laser ... ulsed.html

Degradable lignin-based polyurethane adsorbent for efficient crude oil cleanup ... cient.html

Generating electricity through flooring surfaces ... faces.html

Twisting, flexible crystals key to solar energy production ... nergy.html

Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future? ... uture.html

Researchers develop materials to remove pharmaceuticals from wastewater ... water.html

Double-duty catalyst generates hydrogen fuel while cleaning up wastewater ... water.html

Polystyrene waste ... tists.html

MM-related Science ... icles#6496


spontaneous sparse learning for PCM-based memristor neural networks ... eural.html

Online game developed by researchers shows challenges facing the world of work in the future ... uture.html

Virtual reality at your fingertips ... rtips.html

AI that learns from videos ... ideos.html

Social media problems with free speech and moderation could be fixed with decentralized platforms ... peech.html

What the drive for open science data can learn from the evolving history of open government data ... story.html

Software to make large amounts of text visually comprehensible ... -text.html

Lip-reading software helps users of all abilities to send secure messages ... sages.html

Google Chrome's new Live Caption feature will transcribe speech in videos ... ideos.html

Scientists develop invisible anti-counterfeit labels ... rfeit.html


Hubble views a galaxy with faint threads ... faint.html

The most distant radio-loud quasar discovered [except redshift measures ionization, not distance or velocity] ... uasar.html

Missing baryons found in far-out reaches of galactic halos ... halos.html

Astronomers spot a 'space jellyfish' in Abell 2877 ... abell.html

torrential outflows from infant stars may not stop them from growing ... stars.html

Found in space: Complex carbon-based molecules ... cules.html

The Great Québec Blackout was caused by double tap CMEs ... e-tap-CMEs

Karma family of asteroids potential source of near-Earth asteroids ... -asteroids

Record number of asteroids observed flying past Earth in 2020 ... ng-surveys

Could there be life on Jupiter's moons?

About 7 interstellar objects pass through the inner solar system every year, study estimates ... -year.html

Lomonosov crater on Mars ... -mars.html

meteorite from the birth of the solar system [except that dating methods are way wrong] ... solar.html

NASA's Juno reveals dark origins of one of Jupiter's grand light shows ... piter.html

Scientists determine the origin of extra-solar object 'Oumuamua ... uamua.html

Powerful stratospheric winds measured on Jupiter for the first time ... piter.html

Data from Insight reveals size of Mars's core ... -core.html

Mars: Vast amount of water may be locked up on planet


7,000 year-old evidence for malaria changes understanding of one of world's deadliest diseases ... t-diseases

plants beneath mile-deep Greenland ice ... enland-ice

Microbes unknown to science discovered on The International Space Station ... ce-Station

non-DNA mechanism involved in transmitting paternal experience to offspring ... -offspring

Glaciers and enigmatic stone stripes in the Ethiopian highlands ... -highlands

Many deep-sea microbes invisible to mammalian immune system ... une-system

The oceans show us a young earth

Flood impacts reinforce volcanic cooling to start the Ice Age

The Pope, the Flood, and Global Warming ... l-warming/

Mammoth DNA: The Oldest Ever Found? ... ver-found/

Big Fish Fossil Recalls Big Flop ... -big-flop/

Suspicions on True Origin of World’s Oldest ‘Impact Crater’ Have Now Been Confirmed ... we-thought

Scientists Have Unlocked the Secrets of the Ancient ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ ... -mechanism

‘Rarest of the rare’ dinosaur fossil found brooding on its eggs ... bryos.html

Dead Sea scroll fragments and ‘world’s oldest basket’ found in desert cave ... -fragments

Gigantic Stone ‘Tiger Stripes’ Etched Across Ethiopia Pose an Ancient Mystery ... al-mystery

Arctic was once lush and green, could be again, new research shows ... 031721.php

40,000-Year-Old Ice Age Writing of Ancient Europe | Ancient Architects

DEMOLISHED 1880? The Lost, Megalithic Stone-Circle Culture of Australia

Ep0061 Scenes that Almost No One "Sees" Slumps, Hoodoos

(Full Links) ... essage=291

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:09 pm



Turning seawater into stored energy ... nergy.html

Mini-fuel cell delivers maximum performance ... ximum.html

Recyclable 'veggie' battery could power future devices more efficiently ... uture.html

First closeups of how a lithium-metal electrode ages ... -ages.html

Big breakthrough for 'massless' energy storage ... orage.html

Control system helps several drones team up to deliver heavy packages ... kages.html

Knitting roads: Digitalized road construction uses no concrete ... crete.html

fast charging for lithium-ion batteries ... eries.html

A general approach to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells ... cells.html

new microscopy technique that can acquire 3-D super-resolution images of subcellular structures from about 100 microns deep inside biological tissue ... -mice.html

Automated alignment of optical fibers reduces errors and cost in photonic chip production ... rrors.html

Turning wood into plastic

MM-related Physics etc ... icles#6498


How having more tech at home during COVID-19 creates longer, more stressful workdays ... onger.html

Tool created to aid cleanup from Microsoft hack in broad use ... -hack.html

Novel cathode designed for high-performance sodium ion batteries ... eries.html

Why the semiconductor shortage won't end soon ... -wont.html

holograms at home ... -home.html

Wi-Fi Aware allows neighboring 8.0 Android phones to connect ... droid.html

During emergencies, social media is a critical channel for warnings ... annel.html

Sweden's fastest supercomputer for AI is now online ... nline.html

Artificial intelligence revolution offers benefits and challenges ... efits.html

[Fascist] US prosecutors demand Facebook, Twitter crack down on anti-vaccine posts [free speech] ... ccine.html

Study explains why some new stories get more clicks from social media than others ... media.html

travel boom—in virtual reality ... ality.html


Cold molecular clouds as cosmic ray detectors ... c-ray.html

Something invisible is tearing apart the nearest star cluster to Earth ... r-to-Earth

Hubble captures re-energized planetary nebula ... ebula.html

chemical composition of globular cluster NGC 6553 ... uster.html

Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87's [so-called] black hole ... -edge.html

New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales ... cales.html

New Comet C/2021 D2 (ZTF) ... 021-D2-ZTF

New Comet C/2020 F7 (Lemmon) ... -F7-Lemmon

Large asteroid to (safely) zip past Earth ... earth.html

Mars water loss shaped by seasons and storms ... torms.html

NASA Image Online Library
- ... ibrary.htm

Curious Cloud around Martian volcano


'Frodosome': Brand new organelle discovered in human cells ... uman-cells

Controllable 'Neutrobots' created that breach the blood-brain barrier ... in-barrier

A powerful solar storm hit Earth back in 1582 ... earth.html

New theory suggests large blobs of material in Earth's mantle are remnants of protoplanet Theia (one beneath parts of the African continent and one beneath the Pacific Ocean) [That's why Africa didn't move when asteroid impacted Pangaea north of Madagascar?]
- ... earth.html

Flood Solves Mystery of Amazon Sea ... mazon-sea/

Cave Art Beneath the Waves by France ... -waves.htm

Scientists Find Dinosaur Fossil Atop a Nest of Preserved Eggs
- ... 35228.html
- ... rigins.htm

Coppersmiths in ancient Wisconsin ... consin.htm

The World’s Oldest Known Wooden Statue Is Over 7,000 Years Older Than Stonehenge [bad dating] ... we-thought

The world’s earliest stone technologies are likely to be older than previously thought ... older.html

using ancient DNA to rewrite human history ... xplainable

Sprawling 5,000-year-old cemetery and fortress discovered in Poland ... oland.html

Locating 70 Missing Egyptian Pyramids Near Giza: Is This a Lost 'Valley of the Kings?'

Ancient Lava Proves Cuicuilco's Real Age?

"Worlds Biggest Megaliths" Found In Siberia?

Cyclopea ~ A Wall Built By Giants? [Looks like a natural formation]

(Full Links) ... 94/#msg294

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:10 pm



Ford and HP join forces to use 3D printer waste for auto parts ... -auto.html

Boston Dynamics' new robot Stretch can help move boxes in warehouses ... ouses.html

Inspecting finished components in real time with AI ... al-ai.html

Keeping an eye on infrastructure systems: 4 tactics ... ctics.html

Key life decisions shown to affect car ownership and renewable technologies in the home ... ffect.html

Rapid material testing during sheet metal processing reduces failure and scrap ... ilure.html

A hydrogen future for planes, trains and factories ... ories.html

How many countries are ready for nuclear-powered electricity? ... icity.html

'smart' device to harvest daylight and relay it to underground spaces ... light.html

living robots ... obots.html

Tailor-made power grids for areas with low electrification dramatically improve quality of life ... ation.html

Smart glass has a bright future ... uture.html

Diversity can prevent failures in large power grids ... grids.html

Faster and less-invasive atomic force microscopy for visualizing biomolecular systems ... izing.html

tires become smarter and more efficient ... ay-ct.html

Lab-made hexagonal diamonds stiffer than natural diamonds ... tural.html

Plasma jets stabilize water to splash less ... plash.html

Direct 2D-to-3D transformation of pen drawings

Decellularized spinach serves as an edible platform for laboratory-grown meat ... grown.html

'recipe' for fine tuning alloys for high-temperature use ... ature.html

Low-cost solar-powered water filter removes lead, other contaminants ... nants.html

Self-healing composites extend a product's lifespan ... espan.html

Dual-bed catalyst enables high conversion of syngas to gasoline-range liquid hydrocarbons ... rsion.html

Living robots made from frog skin cells can sense their environment
- ... nvironment
- ... l-Xenobots

MM/EU-RELATED SCIENCE ... icles#6502


Deciphering the secrets of printed electronics ... onics.html

Forensic analysis and data recovery from water-submerged hard drives ... erged.html

First steps towards revolutionary ULTRARAM memory chips ... chips.html

Challenges in the online advertising market ... ising.html

Major machine learning datasets have tens of thousands of errors ... sands.html

Thermal power nanogenerator created without solid moving parts ... solid.html

Quick, easy access to machine data ... chine.html

Statistical solution to processing very large datasets efficiently with memory limit ... ently.html

Economical wireless communication with more efficient intelligent sensors ... nsors.html

Object classification through a single-pixel detector for fast computer processing ... ector.html


Newly forming stars don't blast away material as previously believed, scientists don't know why they stop growing ... op-growing

3 major scientific discoveries in the past century that point to God ... int-to-God

Many planetary systems prematurely evaporate into thin air [probably meaning most "exoplanets" are illusions] ... n-air.html

Hubble spots a galaxy with a peculiar arm ... r-arm.html

Stellar eggs near galactic center hatching into baby stars ... ching.html

Indian astronomers probe X-ray pulsar 2S 1417–624 ... ulsar.html

cosmic ray superaccelerators in our galaxy ... ators.html

New study sows doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe [The dummies just replace dark energy with dark matter magnetism, so nothing burger] ... verse.html

Hubble revisits the Veil Nebula ... ebula.html

First interstellar comet 2I/Borisov may be the most pristine ever found ... ever-found

Ancient calamity that formed the Moon may still exist deep in the mantle of Earth ... e-of-Earth

New auroral feature on Jupiter tracked to edge of magnetosphere ... netosphere

First X-rays from Uranus discovered ... discovered

Curiosity Mars rover takes selfie with 'Mont Mercou' ... elfie.html

Neptune and Uranus remain mysterious after new findings ... rious.html

NASA OSIRIS-REx's final asteroid observation run ... eroid.html

NASA's InSight detects two sizable quakes on Mars ... -mars.html


Australasian genetic influence spread wider in South America than previously thought ... ly-thought

Destructive meteoritic impact event occurred over Antarctica (430,000 years ago [supposedly]), new study reveals ... dy-reveals

New hazard map for Mount Fuji doubles estimate of lava flow ... -lava-flow

Over-kill, over-chill, or over-ill? Why a mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age?

The Fossils Still Say No: Missing Early Evolution of Land Vertebrates ... ertebrate/

Some Marine Extinctions Were Caused by the Flood ... the-flood/

Does Recent Research Support Human Evolution? ... evolution/

The Painted Desert: Fossils in Flooded Mud Flats ... mud-flats/

Extinct Radionuclides

Phony Avi Loeb’s gig, under development since 2019, is that cosmic interloper Oumuamua was perhaps an alien craft — not a comet ... im-jumper/

Iceland Mantle Volcano; Alaska non-fault Quake; New Basalt ... noes.htm-0

Biblical Tunguska-like Airburst

Llukalkan Patagonia Dinosaur ... kalkan.htm

Blobs in the Mantle Cataclysm ... me-ago.htm

Egypt’s discovery of archaeological monastic buildings in Bahariya Oasis ... riya-oasis?

Did ancient primates walk alongside T. rex? ... -up-theory

role of volcanoes in the demise of dinosaurs ... saurs.html

Evidence of Neolithic people extracting salt from seawater 5,800 years ago ... water.html

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon Rain Forest ... in-forest/

Carolina Bay Replication Challenge

The Enduring Enigma Of Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia

Ep062 Bonneville Mega-Lake and Megaflood

(Full Links) ... 95/#msg295

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:07 pm


I got sick and then decided it's too much trouble to post so many tech links, so I guess I'll just post astronomy and catastrophism related links henceforth.


Possible nova detected in Sagittarius ... agittarius

Unusual flaring activity observed from the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 4559 X7 ... ource.html

Gamma-ray emission detected from the supernova remnant G272.2-3.2 ... 2722-.html

Hubble spots double quasars in merging galaxies [Are the redshifts of the quasars & galaxies the same?] ... axies.html

Giant radio pulses from pulsars are hundreds of times more energetic than previously believed ... dreds.html

Dozens of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies detected ... axies.html

journey of water from interstellar clouds to habitable worlds ... louds.html

Mysterious 'Marsquakes' detected by Nasa's Insight lander in area of Red Planet where volcanic activity and landslides have been spotted ... en-spotted

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest ... rainforest

New Comet C/2019 U5 (PANSTARRS) ... -PANSTARRS

New study ties solar variability to the onset of decadal La Nina events ... cadal.html

Burnt-out comet covered with talcum powder ... t-out.html

New research shows that Mars did not dry up all at once

New research reveals secret to Jupiter's curious aurora activity ... urora.html


Researchers can now collect and sequence DNA from the air ... om-the-air

Genome analysis reveals unknown ancient human migration into Europe [but dating methods are wrong] ... nto-Europe

Study finds over 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust fall to Earth each year ... -each-year

The Cambrian Explosion has just gone nuclear ... ne-nuclear

The chances of powerful geomagnetic storms may have just doubled ... st-doubled

Shedding more light on molecules linked to life on other planets ... anets.html

Did a Chicxulub impact wipe out dinosaurs?

The Fossils Still Say No: Missing Early Evolution of Land Vertebrates ... ertebrate/

Ancient Greenland & Chicxulub

Yorkshire Moors neolithic site 4th millennium BC

Intrusions in Diamonds ... amonds.htm

MAJOR EGYPT NEWS: Huge 'Lost Golden City' Discovered | Ancient Architects

Ancient Hi-Tech Temples Exposed

(Full Links) ... essage=296

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 17, 2021 12:05 pm



New Nova in Scorpius ... n-Scorpius

27 million galaxy morphologies quantified and cataloged with the help of machine learning ... chine.html

Astronomers inspect open cluster NGC 1348 ... r-ngc.html

Team determines a nebula to be much younger than previously believed ... -team.html

Famous fast radio burst FRB20180916B just barely lets itself be captured ... tured.html

Fast radio bursts shown to include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected ... ously.html

Surprise twist suggests stars grow competitively

A new super-Earth detected orbiting a red dwarf star ... -star.html

NASA releases stunningly enhanced image of Mars ... ge-of-Mars

Ancient impactor that created the Moon may still be inside Earth ... side-Earth

A small asteroid just gave Earth and some satellites a very close pass ... close-pass

Solar cycle 25 arriving ahead of schedule ... f-schedule

Why primordial asteroids that avoided massive collisions all seem to be about the same size ... -size.html

WISPR was able to peer through the Venus clouds to image the surface ... -twin.html

Latest Cassini findings confirm: Saturnian system is young!


Current climate model simulations are overestimating future sea-level rise ... level-rise

Living fossil microbe discovered below Earth's surface say researchers ... esearchers

Mother Nature's on top of climate change: Polar bears are mating with grizzlies to produce 'Pizzly Bears' ... zzly-Bears

Swedish fossil fern preserves chromosome detail, pointing to catastrophic burial - A casualty of the biblical Flood

Extinct Radionuclides: Young Earth

Amenhotep III city ... i-city.htm

Genome Analysis, C14

How to Survive a Killer Asteroid ... -asteroid/

‘Lost golden city’ found in Egypt reveals lives of ancient pharaohs

Stone slab found in France thought to be Europe’s oldest 3D map ... belec-slab

100,000-year-old Neanderthal footprints show children playing in the sand ... beach.html

The "Lost Golden City" of Egypt EXPOSED: The True Story | Ancient Architects

Ever Heard Of The Headless Pyramid At Saqqara In Egypt?

Mysterious Giant Stone Spheres Near Guadalajara In Mexico

Egyptian Blue ⁓ An Impossible Ancient Pigment?

(Full Links) ... essage=297

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 24, 2021 6:28 pm



largest flare ever recorded from the sun's nearest neighbor, the star Proxima Centauri. ... ks-records

Giant planet at large distance from sun-like star puzzles astronomers ... -like.html

Research investigates radio galaxy 3C 84

Study inspects chemical composition of NGC 6544 ... n-ngc.html

Outback radio telescope discovers dense, spinning, dead star ... -dead.html

Unusual binary system detected with LAMOST ... amost.html

titanium blasting out of a famous supernova ... sions.html

NASA's NICER probes the squeezability of make believe neutron stars ... utron.html

Astronomers release new all-sky map of the Milky Way's outer reaches ... outer.html

A superluminous supernova from a massive progenitor star ... -star.html

Astronomers see first hint of the silhouette of a spaghettified star ... -star.html

Hubble captures giant star on the edge of destruction ... -edge.html

The effects of solar flares on Earth's magnetosphere ... netosphere

Parker Solar Probe sees Venus orbital dust ring in first complete view ... bital.html

When stars get too close to each other, they cast out interstellar comets and asteroids ... roids.html

Scientists find carbon-rich liquid water in ancient meteorite ... orite.html

Asteroid Eurybates' satellite ... bates.html

Perseverance Mars rover makes oxygen ... lanet.html

Mars-directed coronal mass ejection erupts from the sun ... rupts.html

Asteroid that hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta ... vesta.html

Seismicity on Mars full of surprises, in first continuous year of data ... -year.html

Strange crater suggests ancient Mars may have been frigid with occasional snowmelt ... eriod.html


Fearsome tyrannosaurs may have hunted in packs study suggest ... dy-suggest

Glacial melting due to global warming is likely the cause of a shift in the movement of the poles that occurred in the 1990s ... y-suggests

A "super full moon" is coming on April 27, 2021, and coastal cities like Miami know that means one thing: a heightened risk of tidal flooding ... s-sea.html

Salter’s trilobite, a national fossil of Wales, is evidence for a young earth and biblical history ... al-history

Plants feeding on quartzite support rapid plant growth after the Flood

Extra-biblical Flood Legends ... d-legends/

Austronesian DNA

Andean glaciers are melting, reshaping centuries-old Indigenous rituals ... us-rituals

Did art peak 30,000 years ago? [NO] ... rs-lascaux

The Welsh ATLANTIS: Is There Another LOST Kingdom Under the Sea? | Ancient Architects

*Incredible Precision Stone Jars, and other unsolved mysteries of Saqqara [in miles of tunnels]

*Ev Cochrane: Warrior. Goddess. Venus [Venus vacuumed matter from Mars northern hemisphere]

Who Was At Palenque In Mexico Before The Maya? Older Megalithic Evidence Revealed

"Impossible Star-Maps" Within Mystery Ancient Library


Enormous Ancient Mystery Plateau, Kuelap, Mexico

Ep063 Merging Megafloods! Bonneville with Cordilleran

(Full Links) ... essage=298

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun May 02, 2021 1:00 am



Complex organic molecules detected in the starless core Lynds 1521E ... lynds.html

Chinese astronomers investigate so-called black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1820+070 ... x-ray.html

Astronomers detect new chemical signature in an exoplanet's atmosphere using Subaru Telescope ... phere.html

Hubble watches how a giant planet grows

We could detect alien civilizations through their interstellar quantum communication ... antum.html

Small galaxies likely played important role in evolution of the Universe ... ution.html

Researchers discover the mechanism that likely generates huge white dwarf magnetic fields
- ... netic.html
- [See also Charles Chandler's better info]

Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst ... right.html

'Martian plague'? Bringing samples to Earth could cause devastating pandemic scientists warn ... tists-warn

Icy clouds could have kept early Mars warm enough for rivers and lakes, study finds ... ivers.html

Solar 'Campfires' offer clue to solar heating mystery ... stery.html

Radio astronomers discover 8 new millisecond pulsars ... lsars.html

Meteorites reveal magnetic record of protoplanet churn ... churn.html

Asteroids and comets may be more similar than we think ... milar.html

How long is a day on Venus? ... osest.html

Latest observations by MUSER help clarify solar eruptions ... tions.html


Scientists probe mysterious melting of Earth's crust in Western North America
- ... th-America
- ... -earth.htm

Extent of DDT dumping in Pacific is 'staggering' ... staggering

80 whales buried mysteriously in Chilean desert - Marine graveyard is evidence for Noah’s Flood

What’s the point of the pyramids?

Greenland: Ice-Free Not That Long Ago

Can Asteroids Select Life?

YDI Video Roundup ... act-event/

SIS on Current Climate Antiscience

Dinosaur Behavior and Tracks in China ... -floor.htm

Rocky Mountains Melt; Asteroids & Craters ... -earth.htm

Laramide Orogeny

Stalagmites Embody Clock-Like Chronicles of Time Over Thousands of Years ... s-of-years

New discoveries in Saqqara’s ancient tombs are rewriting Egyptian history - Sixth Dynasty 4,300 years ago ... 35760.html

What triangular patterns on rocks may reveal about human ancestors ... stors.html

Oldest Home in Human History, Dating to 2 Million Years Ago [likely greatly exaggerated] ... -1.9745372

Earth’s crust is way, way older than we thought [highly unlikely] ... hought.htm

Carolina Bays Liquefaction

BIGGER than BAALBEK: The 2,000-TON Monoliths of Minya, Ancient Egypt [Ptolemaic?] | Ancient Architects

HUGE 1,500-TON Unfinished Obelisks of Minya, Egypt - BIGGER than BAALBEK

NEW DISCOVERY: Pre-Dynastic Ancient Egyptian Burials Uncovered | Ancient Architects

Ancient Megalithic Presence At Mitla In Oaxaca Mexico: Who Made This And When?

Who Built Cappadocia & Its Underground City?

(Full Links)

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat May 08, 2021 3:40 pm



AG Carinae about to go supernova? ... -supernova
(No, it's not. See

'Oddball supernova' appears strangely cool before exploding, 'stretches what's considered physically possible' ... y-possible
(Again, see

Astronomers are watching a gas giant grow ... -eyes.html

Hubble views a dazzling cosmic necklace ... osmic.html

AT 2018 cow, newly discovered class of cosmic explosions, has an extremely patchy environment ... osion.html

Study investigates chemical properties of globular cluster NGC 1261 ... r-ngc.html

New look at a bright stellar nursery ... rsery.html

Astronomers discover a new extragalactic circular radio source ... ource.html

Planet formation may start earlier than previously thought ... ought.html
(See also

Star formation is triggered by cloud-cloud collisions, study finds ... sions.html
(See also and

A barred galaxy's massive molecular inflow ... nflow.html

New Comet C/2021 E3 (ZTF) ... 021-E3-ZTF

How Long is a Day on Venus? We Finally Know the Exact Answer ... act-Answer

How salty is Enceladus' ocean under the ice? ... n-ice.html

Researchers create new lunar map to help guide future exploration missions ... sions.html

Parker discovers natural radio emission in Venus' atmosphere ... venus.html

Physicists describe new type of aurora


Lightning and subvisible discharges produce molecules that clean the atmosphere ... atmosphere

Vital soil organisms harmed by pesticides ... ides-study

Some viruses have a completely different genome to the rest of life on Earth ... e-on-Earth

Candles turned to stone

Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood ... ible-flood

Post-Flood boundary ... d-boundary

PBS NOVA on the Younger Dryas Impact

Mississippi Petrified Wood, Glaciation or Flood? ... ations.htm

Venus Ionospheric Radio Waves; Earth Lightning Cleans Atmosphere

Discarded ostrich shells provide timeline for our early African ancestors ... 042921.php

These mysterious stone structures in Saudi Arabia are older than the pyramids ... ds-rcna805

First-known pregnant mummy discovered ... arsaw.html

Archaeologists uncover oldest human burial in Africa ... -in-africa

Early humans used fire to permanently change the landscape tens of thousands of years ago in Stone Age Africa [thousands, not tens of thousands] ... ica-158574

Fossil 'balls' are 1 billion [no, just thousands of] years old and could be Earth's oldest known multicellular life ... ution.html

The Younger Dryas Impact and the Global Flood | Ancient Architects

Randall Carlson & UX dive into the Carolina Bays, history of cosmic impacts and how cataclysms are remembered through art, myths, and religions

Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysms At Megalithic Sites Around The World

(Full Links) ... essage=300

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun May 16, 2021 4:21 am



Cassiopeia nova brightens suddenly ... s-suddenly

Hubble gazes at Abell 3827, a galaxy cluster ... osmic.html

First discovery of methanol in a warm planet-forming disk ... -disk.html

High-mass stars are formed not from dust disk but from debris [No, their masses are likely miscalculated] ... ebris.html

Research sheds more light on the nature of a complex planetary nebula ... ebula.html

hidden processes at work in the hearts of large stars [Again, large could be a miscalculation] ... stars.html

Physicists predict neutron stars may be bigger than previously imagined [and they're not made of neutrons] ... ously.html

Tangled gaseous filaments ... -things-3/

NASA may have accidentally spread life to Mars ... fe-to-Mars

Where do meteorites come from? [from rocky asteroids] We tracked hundreds of fireballs streaking through the sky to find out ... aking.html

Solar wind from the center of the Earth

Extraterrestrial radioactive isotope found in seabed has implications for Earth's origins ... tions.html


Human origins research is a big mess ... a-big-mess

Mathematicians find core mechanism to calculate tipping points ... ing-points

Hum of plasma waves in the 'void' of interstellar space detected by Voyager 1 ... -Voyager-1

MIT researchers find that 'skeptics' value data literacy and scientific rigour [Joke?] ... fic-rigour

Geologists identify rare meteorite impact site in Dakota County, MN ... ota-County

The Tamu Massif, the largest volcano on Earth, erupted catastrophically

Surprisingly Little erosion beneath Antarctica and Greenland Ice Sheets ... ice-sheets

Ireland’s First Dinosaur Bones are Found in Flood Rocks ... aur-bones/

Overview of the YDIH debate published in Earth Science Reviews ... -sweatman/

Fragments of ancient ocean floor, Earth's inner mantle identified in Baltimore-area rocks
- ... floor.html

Expanding Earth Model ... -model.htm

Fossil crustacean, related to lobsters, being devoured by a squid, which had a massive bite taken out of it by a large predator such as a shark

Predicting Volcanic Eruptions by Isohypse Reconnection ... nection-2/

Tiwanaku Uplift

Bronze Age Money

Tunguska Event - Antonio Zamora

Geopolymer or Natural Rocks? The Geological Truth of Sacsayhuaman, Peru | Ancient Architects

Samaipata: The Megalithic Mountain In The High Jungle Of Bolivia

12,000 Yr Old Glyphs Links Global Civilization To India?


(Full Links) ... essage=301

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat May 22, 2021 3:08 pm



Supernova remnant G53.41+0.03 investigated in detail ... 41003.html

Shrinking planets could explain mystery of universe's missing worlds ... orlds.html

Stratified structure found in broad-line region for changing-look active galactic nuclei ... actic.html

'Europium stars' in the dwarf galaxy Fornax lend new insight into the origin of the elements ... ornax.html

New ultra-metal-poor star detected ... -star.html

Dozen ultra-high-energy (UHE) cosmic accelerators within the Milky Way found ... eding.html

New FAST discoveries shed light on pulsars ... lsars.html

Chandra discoveries (in the universe) in 3D available on new platform ... tform.html

ALMA discovers the most ancient galaxy with spiral morphology ... ology.html

Hubble tracks down fast radio bursts to galaxies' spiral arms ... axies.html

Hubble gazes at a galactic menagerie ... gerie.html

New meteor impact crater discovered on Mars ... ed-on-Mars

Solar Orbiter spacecraft captures its first massive eruption on Sun's surface in unprecedented detail ... ted-detail

Comets cause meteor showers on Earth ... s-on-Earth

NASA rocket chasing the source of the sun's hot atmosphere ... n-hot.html

Deep water on Neptune and Uranus may be magnesium-rich ... -rich.html

Ongoing experiments in the ISS ... going.html

A solution to space junk: Satellites made of mushrooms ... rooms.html

Swarms of robots could dig underground cities on Mars ... -mars.html

Five unproven claims that alien life exists ... -life.html

Biggest comet in the solar system is actually a planet


The data suggest we achieved herd immunity before the vaccines were rolled out ... rolled-out

First nuclear detonation created 'impossible' quasicrystals ... sicrystals

New form of carbon discovered ... discovered

New ecological biosignature found ... ature.html

(2001 Reprint) Coal: memorial to the Flood

(2007 Reprint) Volcanic ash in Mexico Footprint fiasco

(2015 Reprint) Ice Age megafloods provide insight into Flood sedimentation

Creation and Climate Science with Dr. Jake Hebert

Gobekli Tepe WAS a settlement, not just a 'temple'

Unusual Fossils and Fossil Tracks ... ossils.htm

Antarctic Rainforest ... forest.htm

Plate Tectonics Subduction Problem ... natees.htm

Response to Zamora's "Carolina Bays--Time of Emplacement"

The Mystery of Qocha Chincanas: The Key to Understanding Sacsayhuaman | Ancient Architects

Megaflood Landscapes of the Channeled Scablands! With Randall Carlson

Are There Ancient Ruins In The Waters Of Lake Titicaca In Bolivia?

Ancient Megalithic Site In The Nile Delta Of Egypt: Our First Visit To Tanis



Volcano Shaped Pyramid Found In Peru?

Ancient OoPArt's Academia Cannot Explain

Lost Civilization Exposed By Geologists?

(Full Links) ... essage=302

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue May 25, 2021 4:49 pm


I posted links to a bunch of MM/EU related recent physics articles here: ... icles#6510

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat May 29, 2021 4:07 pm



Milky Way not unusual ... stronomers

Gamma rays 10 times more energetic than thought possible detected ... e-detected

Observations shed more light on the properties of pulsar PSR J0740+6620 ... 06620.html

Thirty-six dwarf galaxies had simultaneous 'baby boom' of new stars ... -baby.html

Prebiotic ethanolamine found in a molecular cloud near the center of the Milky Way ... enter.html

New energetic pulsar discovered in the Small Magellanic Cloud ... cloud.html

Magnificent spiral galaxy is being stretched by passing neighbor ... ghbor.html

Magnetized threads weave spectacular galactic tapestry ... estry.html

never-before-seen detail of the center of our galaxy ... alaxy.html

Hubble captures a captivating spiral ... piral.html

'Clyde's Spot' on Jupiter is starting to look pretty weird ... etty-weird

Heavy metal vapours unexpectedly found in comets throughout our Solar System — and beyond ... and-beyond

Sunspot awakes from slumber to douse Earth in radiation which downed radio signals ... io-signals

New Comet C/2021 K1 (ATLAS) ... 1-K1-ATLAS

Solar storms are back, threatening life as we know it on Earth ... earth.html

Experiments validate the possibility of helium rain inside Jupiter and Saturn ... aturn.html

Curiosity rover captures shining clouds on Mars ... -mars.html



Andrew Hall: Easter Egg Hunt [Electrical Forces in Mountain Shaping]

UK switch to renewable power threatened by freak weather ... tists-warn

Study says maximum human lifespan is 150 ... pan-is-150

grave warning about unprecedented mercury accumulation in deep Pacific Ocean trenches ... n-trenches

(June 2016 Reprint) Australia’s remarkable Red Centre

(September 2001 Reprint) The collapse of ‘geologic time’: Tiny halos in coalified wood tell a story that demolishes ‘long age’

(July 2012 Reprint) Supposed ‘icon of evolution’, Archaeopteryx, was “dressed for flight” in modern, probably black, feathers ... k-feathers

(August 2014 Reprint) Planation surface and strath terraces point to a Flood origin for the Chinese Loess Plateau

Does Radioisotope Dating Prove an Old Earth? ... old-earth/

The Fossils Still Say No: Global Flood Solves Permian Perplexities ... d-permian/

ICR Ice Core Research Update: Ice Age was caused by the Genesis Flood Intense volcanism and rapid seafloor spreading ... ch-update/

A river 50 miles wide and 100 miles long but only inches deep

Younger Dryas Impact cataclysm evidence exceeds that of UFO's

Huge cemetery with at least 250 rock-cut tombs discovered in Egypt ... egypt.html

Sunken Islands Could Explain Ancient Migration in The Americas ... e-antilles

Enigmatic Designs Found in India May Be The Largest Images Ever Made ... uman-hands

Tiny tools point to specialist skills of ancient Indonesians ... cient.html

Solving the Mystery of the Sacsayhuaman Sacred Landscape: Water | Ancient Architects
( is an important resource for 3D imaging)
See also ... 0ea91edbc7

Ancient Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia

Pre-Ice Age Ruins Located Deep In The Ocean

Lost Global Civilzation? - Evidence Compilation

(Full Links) ... essage=303

Also, Physics Article Links April & May ... icles#6510

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